Saturday, September 29, 2007

Did u get ur phone to work
from a 703 phone number, Tuesday, September 25, 8:18 PM

I guess this 703 guy will take Leila's lack of response as an implicit "no."
Happy birthday! loue, aunt jody
from an 814 phone number, Friday, September 28, 6:44 AM

I live in the EST time zone, so it can't have been any later in the morning where Leila lives. When Aunt Jody texted her birthday wishes, it was definitely 6:44 in the morning. Being awake at 6:44 AM sounds like a devastating start to a birthday. I'm glad I was able to intercept this text and perhaps allow Leila to sleep in a bit later. Think of it as my own little birthday present to her.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

R u free today
from a 310 phone number, Saturday, September 22, 2:08 PM

Why, yes! I am! Why? What are our plans?