Tuesday, March 10, 2009


hi freak
dr@ma qu33n

from a 505 phone number, Tuesday, March 10, 9:14 PM

Nice use of the l33t language, there. Also, what's with the continued New Mexico texts this week?
I am going to ortho before i pick u up today. Dont worry if i am a little late.
from a 952 phone number, Tuesday, March 10, 3:41 PM

I hope this isn't directed at 952's child. "Don't worry if I am a little late to pick you up from school," mom says. "Just sit outside in the cold and wait for me. I'll be there... eventually."
Sleep walkd last nite keep sarg out of bed rm gone 2 sleep
from an 803 phone number, Tuesday, March 10, 10:18 AM

I guess 803 thinks Sarg would be scarred if he had to witness 803's sleepwalking. 803 may be correct. I haven't seen anyone sleepwalk since overnight camp, when I was like 11 years old, but, as I recall, it made me uneasy.
Are you awake yet !=nikki=!
from an 828 phone number, Tuesday, March 10, 6:53 AM

Whats up !=nikki=!
from an 828 phone number, Tuesday, March 10, 4:47 PM

Whats up !=nikki=! !=nikki=!
from an 828 phone number, Tuesday, March 10, 5:32 PM

Nice sig line, !=nikki=!. And, no, I was not awake at 6:53 AM. Hi, I'm not a masochist

Monday, March 9, 2009

Recap: Steve got a DUI, Andy quite his job, Stacy got a job, Martin kissed Daniel(he is gay!) and I have a date friday. Tre exciting, yeah? Come back now.
from a 650 phone number, Monday, March 9, 9:32 PM

Wow. What TV show this is recapping? One of you must know! (I also want to know who 650's Friday date is with, but that is not a question that I expect any of you to be able to answer.)
B4 you hear the drama.Luh is gettin married n his fiancee is 2 mos pregnant.
from a 415 phone number, Monday, March 9, 8:57 PM

As Billy Idol sort of sang, "It's a nice day for a shotgun wedding."
Its jay & monica new cell number
from a 419 phone number, Monday, March 9, 8:55 PM

I always find it funny when people share one cell phone because, presumably, Jay and Monica need to call each other more than anyone else they know ever needs to call either one of them. How many times each week, do you think, is Monica like, "I really need to reach Jay, but unfortunately, I have the cell phone," or, "but unfortunately, I don't have the cell phone"?

from a 720 phone number, Monday, March 9, 8:23 PM

I would make fun of this sig line, but frankly my AIM screenname used to include the word "flip." It still does, actually, to the extent that I ever go on AIM (i.e. never). But, yeah, I remember the days when my favorite sport was worth including in every missive that I dispatched to my friends.
There are only three types of snakes on the island of Tasmania and all three are deadly poisonous. 4help call 18002357105
from a 917 phone number, Monday, March 9, 5:49 PM

This seems like important and probably truthful information, but it's unclear to me a) why it is being sent to Leila, and b) if she will die from snakebite because she did not receive this message.
How are you i miss you my arm hurts like crazy

from an 808 phone number, Monday, March 9, 1:13 PM

What did you do to your arm, *Keely*? I hope you hurt your non-texting arm. I would hate if typing this text put you in EVEN MORE pain.
R u guys still going to boston
from a 978 phone number, Monday, March 9, 12:45 PM

BOSTON!! YEAH! Let's go!
Why have you not come yet ma
from a 505 phone number, Sunday, March 8, 3:26 PM

This is your mother i sent a message to you some one else got it
from a 505 phone number, Monday, March 9, 12:31 AM

Indeed. And someone else continues to get it, too.
505 is also New Mexico (thanks again, vacation to New Mexico that I took in December)! This has been a big past couple days for New Mexico texts. Maybe I should text back and request some sopapilla. I love that stuff.
from a 781 phone number, Sunday, March 8, 12:21 PM

You know I rarely post "hey" texts, but I'm making an exception for this one because it's from 781 which means maybe one of my mom's friends sent it.
from an 818 phone number, Sunday, March 8, 8:57 AM

No idea. This is not the 5-digit code for Google (46645, if you were wondering). Um... ELEET? Like a misspelling of "l33t"? FLEET? Like of ships? No, really, 818: What are you trying to get at here?
not going to run today...need to finish packing for raymond...never prepared for sunday school lesson either...ugh!!! hope daniel did okay.
from a 609 phone number, Sunday, March 8, 7:58 AM

One theory I have for this text is that 609 is one of those parents who lives completely vicariously through her children-- packing a suitcase for one of them, doing Sunday school homework for another... Let them grow up, mom. Let them spread their wings.
FW: Msg: My life is full of mistakes but something I'll never regret is meeting your crazy ass. Send to your true friends cause fake
from a 575 phone number, Sunday, March 8, 4:31 AM

Yes, this was sent at 4:31 AM. Okay, 575 is New Mexico (I know that from my vacation there in December), but that still makes it 2:31 AM. And, okay, this was right when we sprung forward, so that makes it 1:31 AM... BUT STILL. Some 575 out there was like, "It is 1:31 AM, and I am tired, but I CANNOT go to bed until I have told Leila that my life is full of mistakes!"

Sunday, March 8, 2009

FWD: home miss u like crazy and luv u even more!!
from an 803 phone number, Saturday, March 7, 10:36 PM

Again, this text would have a lot more emotional power if 803 had thought to delete the "FWD" at the beginning. What is with that?
hi leila. this is me using my moms phone.
from an 805 phone number, Saturday, March 7, 9:58 PM

No. Because, see, if you're using your mom's phone, then saying "me" does nothing to help Leila identify you. I would say, "Don't be so dumb, 805," but I don't even know what your actual area code is, so I can't.
hey its maddie r u goin out w. kyle!?!

from an 812 phone number, Saturday, March 7, 11:07 AM

What I love about this text is not the gossip that it provides about Leila and Kyle (that's old news), but that it appears that Maddie's sig line is "i.luv.ethan." I assume Ethan is her boyfriend? Does that sig line REALLY creep him out?
Call me later or i will call u.
*Miss Alicia*

from a 912 phone number, Saturday, March 7, 8:45 AM

I think you're going to have to call Leila, Miss Alicia. Just a hunch.
Paraphrasing here, but: "This is the part of the story where everyone was always happy, even though we didn't deserve it."
from a 916 phone number, Saturday, March 7, 3:34 AM

What is this, Hemingway? Was someone paraphrasing Hemingway for Leila at 3:34 on a Friday night?