Saturday, September 20, 2008

hi babycomoestas
from a 516 phone number, Saturday, September 20, 12:20 AM

At last! After almost a year and a half of Leila Texting, my Spanish vocabulary finally comes in handy! "Hi baby," this text begins. "How are you?"

r u comin to cover girls????
from an 859 phone number, Friday, September 19, 6:32 PM

As a Friday evening text, this sounds to me like "Cover Girls" is some sort of club or bar? Maybe it's a band (a cover band, perhaps)? 859 is in Kentucky, but a little light-hearted googling didn't immediately reveal anything. You're welcome to adopt this one as your own Research Project.
Why doesnt he do something fun
from a 347 phone number, Friday, September 19, 5:27 PM

Yeah, why doesn't he? Is a he depressed? Punishing himself? Has he lost all sense of what 'fun' means? Say what you will about me, but rarely has anyone ever commented, "Why doesn't Leila do something fun?"
What day does your phone say
from an 814 phone number, Friday, September 19 12:35 PM

You know, there are probably easier ways to figure out what the date is than texting your friend Leila.

Monday, September 15, 2008

CELL What are your plans child ???
from a 502 phone number

I don't know that I have ever non-ironically called someone "child" to their face. Maybe that's just because I'm 24. There will be time enough for calling people "child" once I am more obviously not one myself.
good morning princesa
from a 508 phone number

maybe you teacher me better
from a 508 phone number

what you whant
live me alone

from a 508 phone number

hahahahahahaha San
from a 508 phone number

This is a series of text messages that could be greatly clarified by times. I received them all in a row, is all I know, so likely in the same day-- but spread out over how many hours? "live me alone," assuming it's meant seriously, expresses a vastly different sentiment from "good morning princesa." What happened between text one and text three, do you think?
from an 859 phone number

r u n the ballroom??????
from an 859 phone number

The ballroom! How absolutely grand! Would that I were in the ballroom!
hey dorkk. =) new phone yet
from a 949 phone number

Are you asking me if I got a new phone yet? Question mark? Because, if so, the answer is no.
mire Thank u for celebrating my b-day with me!
from an 865 phone number

Ooh, happy belated birthday, 865!
FWD:FWD: Tomorrow is 9-11 thousands of ppl lost loved ones...i hope to god i never lose u. Send to everyone you dont want to lose
from a 440 phone number

I'm always of a mixed mind when it comes to forwards like this. Like the one I got last year about that teenager who had died. On the one hand, a misspelled, mis-punctuated, three-sentence text message seems to undercut the seriousness of the September 11th attacks to an extent that's almost insulting. On the other hand, text messages are THE WAY in which kids communicate, and maybe it is a positive thing that they're using their medium of choice to commemorate such a significant event. Yes/No? Opinions?
we all off on fri wanna do bible study
from a 773 phone number

I don't want to seem Satanic or anything, but if I had Friday off, Bible study would not be my number one activity of choice.
i try to be. in a way i emulate ian. i try really hard to act cocky about school sometimes and make fun of ppl. only i do it as a joke. lol
from an 813 phone number

This starts out as a really honest, soul-searching text that actually provides some insight into the minds of the "popular" kids... but that "lol" at the end undermines the whole thing. Is 813 lol-ing because she doesn't want her words to be taken as pure honesty because she fears people 'really' knowing her? Or is she lol-ing at the idea of making fun of people because she is callous and heartless? Have modern teens lost the ability to have heart-to-hearts IRL and instead have to communicate their psyches via 160-characters texts?
is wisam gonna pick up ali?
shay shay

from a 313 phone number

What kind of ethnicity is the name "Wisam"? Or is it just a typo? Come on, world travelers. Show off some knowledge.
Thank u honey for last night u kid made me forget what i was feeling and i thank u for that hey honey what do u want to go
from a 703 phone number

Maybe 703 was really depressed and Leila came around with movies and ice cream and funny stories to cheer her up. I know some of you are going to leap immediately to the "sex" conclusion-- "Thank u honey for last night" is often a start to sexual text messages-- but really I'm sticking with my movie-and-ice-cream theory.
Girl. Ar you mad at me for telling the 'secret'? I mean, you already told the human megaphone...
from a 580 phone number

Love it. Can you imagine if your nickname were "the human megaphone"? I also love the brief but definitive first sentence. "Girl." 580 means business.

I still don't know what the 'secret' is, though, and I am curious. I wish the human megaphone would talk a little louder so that I could hear.
I an back in oakland have a good time and enjoy
from a 510 phone number

Texting to say you got home safe is big business. I think Verizon makes a few bucks off me alone every months as I text people to let them know that I safely arrived somewhere.
Annnnnd we're back. After ten days out of the country, I return to no fewer than TWENTY-THREE Leila Texts, not counting a few of you who just texted to say hi (Hello, 207). I've deleted the more boring texts, but it's still going to take us a while to get caught up. Let's start with this gem:

Hey its me wat ya doinghome dogg cutie
from a 925 phone number

Hey its me wat ya doing home dogg i was jk srry that was my sis...Oooppps ...So wat ya doing?
from a 925 phone number

Just so you understand, none of the texts that I received during my vacation will be posted with dates and times (as is usually our custom, here at Leila Text Headquarters) because I received them all yesterday.

As for 925: What is he srry, jking about? Is he claiming the the first text was sent by his sis? Because both these texts were so obviously sent by the same person, I don't buy that excuse for an instant.