Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jenkins hey r u out on service on Tues.? I'm going with MC to Brklyn for tour & lunch; wanna come?
from a 203 phone number, Thursday, April 17, 8:9 AM

Nice semicolon use, 203! Way to go!

I have decided that both 203 and Leila are in the military. Right? "Service"? "Tour"? Sure?
we are on the 7th hole were coming
from a 951 phone number, Tuesday, April 15, 6:59 PM

This is obviously from some beleaguered husband whose nagging wife Leila has been demanding that he come home for dinner, and dinner's been on the table since 6:45, yet he's still not home because, duh, he's out golfing with the buddies. Can't the lady have a little patience? Must she deny him these few brief hours of joy after work? When he makes the money that allows her to put dinner on the table in the first place?

When 951 sent this text, poised at the 7th hole, he must have given a sigh of frustration. And his golfing buddies must have said, "What is it, 951 man?" (They probably called him by his real name, though.)

And then he would have said, "Ah, nothing. Just the wife."

And they all would have shook their heads knowingly and said, "Women. It's just how they are. Your shot."
Wats goin on.!!!!!?????
*z. mac mami*

from a 215 phone number, Tuesday, April 1, 10:31 AM

Not much.!!!!! Sitting in my friend Jeremy's kitchen.!!!!! What about you.!!!!!?????
*z. mac leila*
RE: It took 1 min 2 like u. A day 2 luv u. N it will take a lifetime 2 4get u. Fwd 2 every friend u dnt
from a 542 phone number, Monday, April 14, 11:43 PM

This isn't romantic; it's pathetic. If it took 542 one minute to like Leila and one day to love her, then 542 probably does not have a very advanced concept of like or love. I'm not necessarily denying love at first sight... I just think this is an oversimplification of some complex emotions.

That said, I like the use of numbers here. 542 worked in 1, 2, and 4. No 3's here, though. Pity it doesn't end with the line "it will take 3 lifetimes 2 4get u." Ah, well.
I will send u email on ur yahoo address tonite pls read it xo

from a 301 phone number, Monday, April 14, 6:04 PM

Oh please. Who still have yahoo email accounts nowadays? Leila is so 2004.
from a 757 phone number, Friday, April 18, 6:24 PM

from a 757 phone number Friday, April 18, 6:56 PM


Sunday, April 13, 2008

I really dont understand why you are doing this..i just wish we could talk this out..please just text me back ignoring me is not the answer..i love you..
from an 828 phone number, Sunday, April 13, 4:56 PM

All right, all your worrywarts, before you ask me: Yes, I texted this person back and told them that Leila had not received the text. Now, whether they texted Leila again, and whether she ever replied, is anyone's guess.

One lesson I would like everyone to learn from this blog-- because I think we see this evidenced time and time again-- is that you should not break up with someone, or end a friendship, via text message. I mean it. I think a break-up conversation should require more than 160 characters. Furthermore, a text message is too easily misdirected (i.e. to me) or forwarded on to other friends or simply misunderstood. If you are such a wimp that you can't break up with someone in person or via telephone, and you have to rely on a text message to do it... then, I'm sorry, but get your act together.
Why are not sleeping over
from a 774 phone number, Saturday, April 12, 5:49 PM

I don't know why Leila's not sleeping over. Maybe she's one of those kids who just hates spending the night at houses other than her own. I used to have friends like that, even in high school. Or maybe she has an early doctor's appointment or something. WHO KNOWS.
datr good. now my cell is all greasy!
from a 406 phone number, Thursday, April 10, 3:17 PM

I assume "datr" is a misspelling of some sort of greasy food, but I can't imagine what. "Dates" are not greasy (nor are they all that good).
hey whee r
from a 949 phone number, Thursday, April 10, 11:57 AM

I somehow interpret this to mean "Hey where are you," but really this explanation is based on no concrete evidence.
dad even said he would dig it up
from a 917 phone number, Wednesday, April 9, 12:08 AM

Fuck the ap us hw! im playing guitar hero!
from a 917 phone number, Wednesday, April 9, 5:49 PM

Didg andrew hav it?
from a 917 phone number, Wednesday, April 9, 6:33 PM

Exam is on monday right?M
from a 917 phone number, Wednesday, April 9, 9:52 PM

Considering that 917 is in AP U.S. History, she uses an awful lot of broad pronoun references. What is this "it" that dad said he would dig up? Is it the same "it" that Andrew may have? Perhaps Leila would know what "it" is, but, sadly, we do not.