Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My hair is so cute ! luv ya!
from a 704 phone number, Wednesday, January 7, 2:35 PM

hey girl. just want u 2 know what a lovely time i had at ur house christmas dat. i'm at montis right now. i had 2 fax some papers 4 my disability.
from a 609 phone number, Wednesday, January 7, 12:29 PM

my tv is. my box fried so i wanted to come 2 get some dvd's from jen. what do they have
from a 609 phone number, Wednesday, January 7, 12:30 PM

609 is disabled and her TV fried? Tough life.
Going to have a new home number after today 419 960 XXXX
from a 419 phone number, Wednesday, January 7, 8:31 PM

419 didn't write XXXX, of course; she wrote her actual phone number, but I'm giving it to you just in case you are perverts who might prank call her. I won't have that on my conscience.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hey where r u
att Xoxo-ANJANAE!!!!

from a 281 phone number, Tuesday, January 6, 4:59 PM

Nice sig line. I wonder is Anianae is her real name, or a nick name? Is it Greek, do we think? No--Latin. That "ae" dipthong is so Latin.
FWD: Let's play Love tag! I Love you with all my heart! Tag everyone you love(even if it is just as a friend). If u get 4 back ur loved.
from a 425 phone number, Tuesday, January 6, 9:37 AM

4 seems like an arbitrary number here. Wouldn't you be loved even if you got only ONE back? I realize you'd be loved by only one person, but maybe that individual is the only person whose opinion you value.

Monday, January 5, 2009

poole did you buy a tv ? cant wait to get out of here tomorrow
from a 702 phone number, Sunday, January 4, 9:41 PM

I would imagine 702 was on winter break and is saying she can't wait to get away from her parents' house. Seriously, though, 702, vacation is vacation. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
Heyy gurl how r u CHEETA LOVEEE
from a 281 phone number, Sunday, January 4, 8:57 PM

Oh my goodness, please let this have something to do with the Cheetah Girls.
FWD:Fwd: FW:Msg: FWD: Fwd:Dont send if u dont mean it. *PROMISE* we will ALWAYS be friends :) send this to ten friends even me or lose ten slowly.
from a 719 phone number, Sunday, January 4, 7:59 PM

Fwd: Msg: Fwd: Call me*67 leave a voicemail saying somthing u always wanted 2 tell me. keep this going&see How many calls you get dont
from a 719 phone number, Monday, January 5, 8:00 PM

Okay, sure:

"Hey, this is Leila. It's about 8:01 on Monday. I just got your text. Somthing I've always wanted 2 tell you... is that you send me way too many text forwards. And a lot of them sound kind of threatening. So... don't do that so much? Okay, catch you later, bye!"
FWD: (FW:) My ride or die bitch. My smile or cry bitch. Never trashy very class n always flyy bitch. I luv u bitch send 2 all yo bitches!
from a 419 phone number, Friday, January 2, 9:01 PM

Excuse the play on words, but it would have been a bitch to compose this text using predictive texting, since the Verizon dictionary does not recognize the word "bitch." Thanks, VZ, for keeping us all just that much purer!
Happy New Year God bless you all
from a 407 phone number, Friday, January 2, 4:12 PM

407 didn't have to include the word "all" here. She could have fooled Leila into believing that this wasn't a mass text, but rather that 407 specifically wanted God to bless Leila. Just because you know you're sending the same text to your whole phone book doesn't mean they have to know that.
hey look up this song too:
27 by fall out boy

from a 209 phone number, Sunday, December 28, 10:25 PM

Okay, I did. It's all right, I guess. It's no "Sugar, We're Going Down," though. "Sugar, We're Going Down" was a great pop song.