Friday, August 13, 2010

i made the flight
from a 404 phone number, Thursday, August 12, 6:15 PM EST

This is a great transition into letting you know that I will be out of the country for the next week and a half. That means I can't turn on my cell phone, and THAT means no blog updates. I know this is sad, but there are close to 2,000 entries in the archive of this blog, so I bet you can keep yourself busy reading and texting while I'm away.
Has your husband found a car for me? I have some money now...and it is eating a hole in my pocket... I miss you!
from an 807 phone number, Friday, August 13, 3:01 PM EST

If I were Leila (and I am, kind of), I would be like, "Listen up, I do not want to be caught in the middle of your shady business dealings with my used car salesman husband. Text him if you want, but leave me out of it."
hi daer. my friend, Bobbie, said she talked 2 u. can u meet her & take her 2 Costco? if u can, call her & offer 2 do so. her number is 504 722-xxx. ok?
from a 361 phone number, Friday, August 13, 1:46 PM EST

Okay, is 361 Leila's boss? If not, then she needs to be a little less bossy.
lindsey is stillin the running 4 kd she is going 2 3 partties thank goodness dg and alpha xi r the others we r heading out
from an 850 phone number, Friday, August 13, 10:20 AM EST

OH I think this is about sorority rush. Lindsey is still in the running for KD (like Kappa Delta, maybe?). She is going to three parties. Thank goodness DG (Delta Gamma, I know that one) and Alpha Xi are the others. We are heading out.

Do any sorority girls read this blog? Which one should Lindsey join?
Old phone.when is the apt.with Marie to disc.Food &Wine?
from a 610 phone number, Friday, August 13, 9:36 AM EST

610 and Leila are engaged. Marie is their caterer/party planner. Clearly.
hey my mom said wednesday we can go to knotts
from an 805 phone number, Thursday, August 12, 5: 51 PM EST

Knott's BERRY FARM? Your mom is the best. I wish my mom would say I could go to Knott's Berry Farm on Wednesday.
Hi ! My family did not go to the Met game today but got tickets for Aug 28. Is Rich available to come swimming tomorrow? Another hot one tomorrow.
from a 203 phone number, Wednesday, August 11, 7:31 PM EST

This text message is so summertime, it slays me. This is more summertime than the smell of sunscreen and the jingle of an ice cream truck.
sorrno contact today cutter was down didnt have time to shit hope u had a good day it was hot as hell here but every day is agood one sleep well tonig
from a 757 phone number, Wednesday, August 11, 5:42 PM EST

Even though it was hot as hell and 757 didn't have time to shit-- regardless, every day is a good one.
i so love talking to you i so love hearing from you i hope we can do it again i love u leila i wish we can do more physical talking and way more meantal
from a 540 phone number, Tuesday, August 10, 5:09 PM EST

I wonder what "physical talking" is? To quote Salt n Pepa, "That sounds sexy."
Look at this! I'm texting! We're waiting for the ferry to vic hoping for sun. Heard youre coming to of I day. Love m&d
from an 845 phone number, Tuesday, August 10, 1:31 PM EST

For some reason I'm finding it hard to be proud of 845's texting abilities.
Frank pegou UP? to na dentista com reggie. marquei cita com medico no 18 de agosto mas nao com upton
from a 619 phone number, Monday, August 9, 7:08 PM ESR

I have decided this is Portuguese. Which means, according to Babelfish, that it translates as follows:

Frank caught UP? you in the dentist with reggie. I marked quotation with I medicate in the 18 of August but not with upton

So now we know.
Say, did you send me your invitation?
from a 916 phone number, Monday, August 9, 6:00 PM EST

Nope. 'Cause you're not invited. What do you say to THAT?
want to kno if you got tra number isiah broke her phone and she dont member it she needs him to bring her somethin hell i dnt kno nEvEr 2Nd BeSt!
from a 256 phone number, Monday, August 9, 2:36 PM EST

I used to kind of enjoy punctuation, but now I understand that, all these years, it's just been standing in my way.
from an 850 phone number, Monday, August 9, 11:52 AM EST

I felt special when you said that you loved me. But when you told me that you loved Tori, too, I realized that to you I was a dime a dozen.
Go on facebook
from a 650 phone number, Monday, August 9, 11:06 AM EST

Bitch, please-- I never go OFF facebook.
what time r u goin in2 work
from a 205 phone number, Sunday, August 8, 12:17 PM EST

did baron freak out yesterday cause of the thunder
from a 205 phone number, Sunday, August 8, 12:27 PM EST

I hope but do not know that Baron is Leila's dog, not her boyfriend.
if daddy calls dont answer love u
from an 808 phone number, Sunday, August 8, 7:37 AM EST

Is their dad abusive or something?
hi my mom can take you down to jacks diving locker if you can get dropped off at my house at 7:20am
from an 808 phone number, Sunday, August 8, 1:32 AM EST

Jack's Diving Locker is the largest scuba diving and snorkel education and retail facility on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I get disproportionately excited to receive texts from Hawaii. It just seems so far away!
Donald Trump would be sooo jealous of my pompadour right now.
from a 612 phone number, Saturday. August 7, 8:31 PM EST

I wish that Leila Texts could include photo attachments!