Friday, October 22, 2010

Hv doggies bn out? what r yr plans?
from a 740 phone number, Wednesday, October 20, 4:35 PM EST

Nah, they're just peeing all over the floor.
Hey...nick ok? corey told me what happened
from a 631 phone number, Tuesday, October 19, 9:01 PM EST

Anything could have happened to Nick. Literally an.y.thing. Option:

Nick fell off his skateboard.
Nick got broken up with.
Nick lost his favorite stuffed animal.
Nick sliced his hand while cutting bagels.

Why do u hate her
from a 925 phone number, Tuesday, October 19, 6:24 PM EST

Hate whom? Hate whom??? TELL ME. I am a great secret-keeper!
butt butt butt
from a 951 phone number, Monday, October 18, 8:40 PM EST

Never let your five-year-old son get a hold of your cell phone.
well on my progress report he put my average is under a 55 when i been doin my work and have least a 85!

from a 315 phone number, Saturday, October 16, 4:19 PM EST

There's a mega-big difference between 55 and 85. One is failing, one is not. Is Leila failing? Or not?