Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thanks for the pict. Happy B-day to Sam. Hope he got card. Margaret did have mild stroke but recovering well. Love .
from a 765 phone number, Saturday, August 27, 7:25 PM EST

Hey. Can u call at somept? My dad died just now.
from a 608 phone number, Sunday, August 28, 9:04 PM EST

Messages like these are the downside of receiving the Leila Texts.
Irene update lost our power and phones an hour ago. Please send storm updates to my cell Thanks Cathy
from a 973 phone number, Sunday, August 28, 8:09 AM EST

All is good so far. Still have power. Any wind damage by you?
from a 631 phone number, Sunday, August 28, 9:26 AM EST

I hope that you all weathered the storm equally well. I spent most of the past two days holed up with a few pints of ice cream, hoping the electricity would go out so that I would be forced to eat them before they melted. When that didn't happen, I just ate them, anyway. Also I helped make a Hurricane Irene-themed collaborative Spotify playlist. I know the hurricane is like so passe now, but you can still go listen to it and add your own thematic songs, if you want.
Moriah and franzi were thee only people who came swimming and moriah totally does have a jesus tramp stamp!!! it says"to live with christ, to die in gain"
from a 401 phone number, Sunday, August 28, 4:25 PM EST

I have nothing against Jesus tattoos, or tramp stamps. But a tramp stamp ABOUT Jesus? Seriously, Moriah?