Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hi whats up
from a 208 phone number, Sunday, June 22, 3:05 PM

Oh, you know. Same old. Listening to mash-ups, watching a rainstorm out my window, updating my blog, considering eating macaroni, waiting for Stef to call... Standard Sunday afternoon fare.
those are better I'm tired!
from a 928 phone number, Sunday, June 22, 2:24 PM

I was not tired at 2:24 PM today. That is because I slept for thirteen-- count them, thirteen-- hours last night. 928 obviously did not think to do that.
hi hows it goin
from an 805 phone number, Sunday, June 22, 5:14 AM

At 5:14 AM? It was going just fine, in that I was unconscious. Thanks for asking.
Hi I'm having fun!
from a 518 phone number, Saturday. June 21, 7:53 PM

Hi leila bday girl

from a 518 phone number, Saturday, June 21, 7:55 PM

The order of these texts confuses me. On someone's birthday, shouldn't the first thing you do be reassure them that you remember it's their birthday? Once you've established that, then you are free to move on to other topics, like how you're having fun, etc.
C&l 97848692**
from a 978 phone number, Saturday, June 21, 2:37 PM

(last two digits deleted in a half-hearted attempt to preserve someone's privacy.)

C&l = Charlie and Lola, do you suppose?

Texting is my favourite and my best!
I'm just not keen on texting!
I completely know about texting!
heyy whatsupp. i love yahh. (:
from a 352 phone number, Friday, June 20, 10:11 PM

325 lovess Leila... Andd also repeatingg the last letterr of wordss.