Friday, February 27, 2009

Matt huchmalas pay. TOM IS ASKING.
from a 516 phone number, Friday, February 27, 3:46 PM

Can't find a Matt Huchmalas on facebook, though I did find some very interesting other Matts with similar last names. Why does every stranger on facebook look like such a tool?
So Heroes has gone down the drain. Very lame.
from a 425 phone number, Wednesday, February 25, 7:38 PM

Has it really? Readers, weigh in with your opinions, and let's slowly take over this blog and turn it into a Heroes fansite.
Hey caca butttey.. Hope all izzz well. Miss u'r faces:) HeHe...Asta luego errrr
from an 818 phone number, Thursday, February 26, 4:10 PM

Did 818 just call Leila a "caca butt"? Ew?
hey! hey!! hey !!!
from a 609 phone number, Wednesday, February 25, 7:19 PM

Yes? Yes?? Yes ???
from a 440 phone number, Monday, February 23, 10:06 PM

Yes, I promise that's an exact transcription. Do not underestimate the effort I will exert to provide you, my readers, with accuracy.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

say hi to everybody there love you mom
from a 505 phone number, Sunday, February 22, 1:33 AM

Sweet, unless 505 was, at 1:33 AM on Saturday night, chilling at a strip club or challenging strangers to a game of beer pong (and I think we can safely say that's where we all were at 1:33 AM last night). In which case, saying hi to everyone there, from your mom, might come off as a little awkward.
want 2 play golf ?
from a 402 phone number, Friday, February 20, 6:30 PM

Yes! God, I just wait all week for the work week to end so that I can go play golf. TGIF!
what time are we meating there

from a 706 phone number, Friday, February 20, 6:02 PM

Sometimes people-- and I count myself in this number-- argue that kids are reading more nowadays than they have in the past. Even if they're not reading traditional printed material (books, newspapers), at least they're reading away messages and text messages, and that alone-- any sort of reading-- increases literacy skills.

Then I receive a text message that includes the word "meating," and I'm like, "Never mind."