Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey there, all you Leila Texters, Leila Text readers, and Leilas. I wanted to let you know that I will be on vacation until New Years, with intermittent access to my phone and essentially no access to the Internet. So don't expect any blog updates over the next eight days. Instead, take this time to relax and connect with your family (a la 310). If you get bored of relaxing and connecting, you can always read the Leila Text archives. There are an awful lot of archives.

Happy Hannukah and merry Christmas. Hope to see you in 2009!
FWD: Fwd:Fwd: Met u az a stranga, took u az a frnd, hope we meet n heaven wher frndship neva endz. C how many REAL frndz snd dis bak
from a 404 phone number, Tuesday, December 23, 9:26 PM

In 404 and Leila's world, the uncoolest kid in school is the kid who insists on spelling everything right-- even words like "never" and "as"!
dads being a real big jackass were on our way im staying with you
from a 310 phone number, Tuesday, December 23, 7:01 PM

Nothing feels like the holiday season so much as texts like this one. Ah, festivities!
everything work out
from a 610 phone number, Tuesday, December 23, 3:40 PM

Was this meant to be reassuring? Like "everything will work out"? If so, then I would have embraced this text as a message from the heavens. As it stands, though, it reads more like a command. "Everything, work out!" I do not feel reassured.
Got a working phone- call me or send me a txt when you want to talk.
from a 504 phone number, Tuesday, December 23, 12:11 AM

Yeah, right. That'll never happen.
hey, i got the pics put on a flash drive. i can put them on a disc for you or you download them directly from the flash. :)
from a 510 phone number, Monday, December 22, 9:35 PM

I received this text just a few minutes after texting my friend Tony to ask how to send pictures to his iPhone. When I read this text, I was like, "This is oddly pertinent to my life... yet at the same time, useless."

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wazz Up

from a 310 phone number, Sunday, December 21, 3:23 PM
Eating leftovers from my Hannukah party; procrastinating on packing for my vacation; updating my blog. You know how it goes.
FWD: driver side door wont close part inside near handle broken. not safe 2 drive. love you. tang
from a 949 phone number, Sunday, December 21, 2:40 PM

For all the times I've written in this blog about how I wish I had a car, I will concede: Having a car is awesome, but having a BROKEN car really, really sucks.
Heya what time is the party tonight? My plus one bailed on me so there better be some cuties there :)
from a 409 phone number, Saturday, December 20, 7:15 PM

P.s. David is coming tonight so mum's the word about troy.
from a 409 phone number, Saturday, December 20, 8:23 PM

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.
FWD: FWD: Msg: You have 30 Min. to tell 10 people u love them, (includin me) or 2009 will be your worst year..So I LOVE U! GO!*
from an 812 phone number, Saturday, December 20, 5:35 PM

But what if Leila DOESN'T love 812? Does she have to lie and claim she does, just so 2009 won't be her worst year?

FWD: Msg: ONLY send this to the 10 prettiest GIRLS u know or u'll turn ugly in 6 yrs. If u get 3 back, Guess who? DANA
from a 719 phone number, Monday, December 22, 4:40 PM

At least Dana doesn't insist on receiving this back from Leila. Because Dana really might be only the seventh-prettiest girl that Leila knows. And Dana is just going to have to deal with that.
hey im going 2 my bball game in my FREEZING car
Oz3baA sh3rIFf

from a 703 phone number, Saturday, December 20, 9:00 AM

u think ull make it home tonight? the roads are pretty f'd...just going to warn u.
from a 206 phone number, Sunday, December 21, 9:37 PM

In summary: It was cold and icy this weekend. In case you were unaware.