Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oz3baA $#3r1Ff

from a 703 phone number, Tuesday, April 7, 3:54 PM

This sig line has gotten a lot more complicated in the past few months.
Pls hurry after school. HAVE TO PIK UP SISTERS. XO
from a 952 phone number, Tuesday, April 7, 9:23 AM

Do we think this is from Leila's mother? I feel like your mom shouldn't be allowed to text you while you're at school. It sounds like it would really cut into your independence, which is limited enough when you're 10 years old.

Monday, April 6, 2009

415 n bedford
from a 310 phone number, Monday, April 6, 6:13 PM

Could be anywhere. Doesn't every city have a Bedford St? New York alone has at least two.
Do me
from a 443 phone number, Sunday, April 5, 6:36 PM

ahahahaha probs my favorite text of the week. I'm mature like that.
Dont Call Moms phone Cause i have it
from a 313 phone number, Saturday, April 4, 10:06 PM

Just from all the capitalized words here, I had hoped this would be some take-off on Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, a film that includes one of my all-time favorite lines ("What is it, Carolyn? Something?"). But, um, it was not.
hey bad news i cant go to your game because i am going to go and hang with nick west so text back
from a 609 phone number, Saturday, April 4, 11:30 AM

So, usually, 609, when blowing off a friend, you're supposed to tell them you "feel sick" or "have a lot of homework" or "a family thing," even if you're really just going to hang with Nick West. Your friends don't exactly like to hear that they mean less to you than Nick West, you know? This can be a lesson to all of us, if we interpret "hanging with Nick West" to be a metaphor.
I know this is short notice, but bring ur bathing suite, and a towel to my party.
From rachael

from an 805 phone number, Friday, April 3, 10:13 AM

hey sorry for this being kinda last minute but tomorrow night at like 8 im having a little get together and we would watch a movie then go in the jacuzzi
from a 408 phone number, Saturday, April 4, 1:35 AM

How popular Leilas were this weekend! I hope all my fellow Leilas have a number of bathing suits they were excited to wear this past weekend.
FWD: im in trouble the benicia police were at my house
from a 707 phone number, Thursday, April 2, 6:09 PM

Benicia! But seriously, 707, what the hell did you do? The POLICE? And I hope you weren't texting Leila because you thought she could like bail you out or something. Because she cannot. At least, not until she gets this text message.
We r back. had a great trip. talk to u tomorrow. gail
from a 619 phone number, Thursday, April 2, 12:04 AM

I wonder where Gail went?
maloney FWD: Um funny cute talk good personality
from a 215 phone number, Wednesday, April 1, 8:55 PM

This girl. She's in the Philadelphia network on facebook, and 215 is a Philadelphia area code. More obviously, that is the only Leila Maloney on facebook and possibly in the world. Having spent a lot of time thinking about Leilas, I can say with some authority that "Maloney" is not a common last name for them.

Anyway... Are we talking about a guy here? Are we saying he is funny, he is cute, he talks, and he has a good personality? Or he is funny, he is cute, he talks good, and he has a personality? Whatever. He sounds like a keeper.
FWD: Hi iwill be in LA tommorow haha actually i am with sara now come and join us
from an 818 phone number, Wednesday, April 1, 5:41 PM

hey you need to know something
from a 609 phone number, Wednesday, April 1, 2:57 PM

Yes? I'm listening. You have secured my attention. Is there a follow-up to this text?