Monday, April 6, 2009

hey bad news i cant go to your game because i am going to go and hang with nick west so text back
from a 609 phone number, Saturday, April 4, 11:30 AM

So, usually, 609, when blowing off a friend, you're supposed to tell them you "feel sick" or "have a lot of homework" or "a family thing," even if you're really just going to hang with Nick West. Your friends don't exactly like to hear that they mean less to you than Nick West, you know? This can be a lesson to all of us, if we interpret "hanging with Nick West" to be a metaphor.


Anonymous said...

That is, unless "Nick West" is slang for something. Like crystal meth. Or crime-fighting. In which case hanging out with Nick West is totally understandable. Even commendable.

ariel said...

Never date a guy who isn't willing to go to your friend's games/plays/etc with you. They're not going to change 6 months down the road, and you're going to get really sick of not being able to go to those functions with your man.