Friday, June 13, 2008

Hey wats up? Guess where h am!
from a 719 phone number, Tuesday, June 10, 5:42 PM


- Fwd: FWD: Describe ME in 1 word just 1 and send it to me; and send this msg to 20 people and see how many words u get.
from a 719 phone number, Wednesday, June 11, 11:42 AM


Also, if I tried this on my friends, I bet I would get 16 "tardy"s and four "blue-eyed"s.
dude! hey! what's up?
from a 310 phone number, Monday, June 9, 8:02 PM

hey leila
from a 310 phone number, Wednesday, June 11, 10:11 PM

Both of these texts, especially the first, seem like greetings you would actually say aloud in passing. Like if 310 ran into Leila somewhere, say on their college campus, where he hadn't really expect her to be, and maybe he hadn't seen her in a couple weeks. "Dude! Hey! What's up?" Just somewhat surprised, you know? Maybe this is 310's response to an unexpected text from Leila.
Hey beautiful have u looked at any houses lately. We ready 2 make this move.
from an 845 phone number, Monday, June 9, 2:32 PM

845 is obviously 1/80th as neurotic as I am. I find moving-- anything related to real estate, actually-- to be so incredibly stressful, so traumatic, that I would never be able to send a casual text message about it. "Hey, you found a place for us to live yet? Because I'm totally ready to move in to wherever it is." I feel panicky just writing the words.
Ppl of america tlk to me (txt me!!!)
from a 425 phone number, Monday, June 9, 7:00 PM

This is a very modern statement. In the age of youtube, myspace, etc., it's not seen as totally ridiculous for any cell phone-owning adolescent to address the "ppl of america." But had someone written a sentence like this in the year 1864, her friends and family all would have been like, "Um, 'ppl of america tlk to me'? Do you mean, like, 'ppl who live in our small fishing community'?"
are you at school
from a 951 phone number, Monday, June 9, 1:35 PM

Weird question. If Leila is of the age where she attends school, then I would hope, at 1:35 PM on Monday, that she would be at school. Is this really a text asking, "Are you playing hooky today, or no?"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

We r takeing u to brunch call when u wake up
from a 612 phone number, Sunday, June 8, 11:23 AM

I wish this one were for me. Brunch is BY FAR my favorite meal of the day.