Saturday, December 1, 2007

ok i havw to go now this veronicas friend got to go now bi
from a 415 phone number, Tuesday, November 27, 9:58 PM

hi this is veronicas friend sydney from yesterday remember me lol
from a 415 phone number, Wednesday, November 28, 9:03 PM

leila you rock
from a 415 phone number, Friday, November 30, 7:00 PM

I think Sydney has a little bit of a crush on Leila. How else can you explain these first two texts, that are basically just like, "Hi, it's me. You met me, remember? We have a friend in common. Remember when you met me?" And then the third text, which is a surprisingly adoring comment to send to someone you've known for only three days. Not that I've never texted people to say "you rock," because obviously I have. But usually I've had crushes on them.
where r u gonna b 2day
from a 412 phone number, Friday, November 30, 12:59 PM

Oh, gosh, all over the place, really. Mostly on Friday I was in my cubicle, but occasionally I was in my boss's office, and once or twice I was even in the bathroom. After that, I was in my bedroom, interspersed with my kitchen. So you can see, it's a complicated answer, but really it's sweet of you to care, 412 person.
Whres ava leashes
from an 831 phone number, Wednesday, November 28, 12:35 PM

You named your dog Ava? Isn't that Hebrew for something, like "spring"? No, wait, that's Aviva. And love is Ahava. I don't know what just plain Ava is. Maybe it was supposed to be Hebrew but Leila just forgot some letters.
Congrats to ingrid on her conf last nite sorry i missed it fondly kelly
from a 703 phone number, Saturday, December 1, 4:49 AM

We all had a conference two weeks ago, at my work. My co-worker Leslie helped organize it. She got a bouquet of flowers at the end of it, which I guess shows some gratitude, but not as much gratitude as a TEXT MESSAGE.

Monday, November 26, 2007

FWD:FWD: I Luv u. No matter where life takes us pinkyswear we'll always be tight. Send 2 10 great friends including me or lose 1 2nite
from a 412 phone number, November 26, 9:00 PM

I had no idea that kids nowadays still use pinkyswears. Nor had I realized that "pinkyswear" is one word. The Leila Texts are infinitely enlightening.
I havnt heard the new song. I wish he chose someone else to be cushion. not a big deal dont think i like him just having hard time with feeling rejected
from a 937 phone number, Monday, November 26, 4:24 PM

Long text messages always give me so much fodder for thought. (Yet another reason why I hate the texts that say only "hi." Too short!) This one intrigues me. I don't know what it means to say "I wish he chose someone else to be cushion." Is cushion a mis-type?

When she says she hasn't heard the new song, I wonder if the guy in question is a musician? Did he write a new song? Not about 937 girl?

While I can't claim to understand the context, really, I do like the sentence "not a big deal dont think i like him just having hard time with feeling rejected." Clearly this guy broke up with her, or didn't pay attention to her, or didn't return her phone call, or something, and I think it's a wise woman who can realize: it's not that he broke her heart, don't think she likes him-- she just has a hard time with feeling rejected, that's all.

I'm glad Leila is 937's confidante. I like to think Leilas the world over make excellent confidantes.
Zerbz #2
from a 585 phone number, Monday, November 26, 2:38 PM

This is an incredible text. I have no idea what it means.
What's up? gurl i am so bored
from a 214 phone number, Monday, November 26, 9:16 AM

214 girl, how early do you wake up that you're "so bored" by 9:16 in the morning? I'm telling you, I am easily bored, but at 9:16 I'm generally running into work. Which can be sucky in many regards, but is still not classifiable as boring. I'm generally not bored until 10 AM at the earliest.
Does someomne live bove your garage??
from an 814 phone number, Sunday, November 25, 10:24 PM

I'm wondering why 814 guy was asking this, and I'm hoping that, had this text reached the intended Leila, their conversation would have gone as follows:

814 GUY: "Does someomne live bove your garage??"
LEILA: "no. why?"
LEILA: "oh my god it must have been A GHOST."

Don't you think?