Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gangsta won bulls 3
from a 757 phone number, Sunday, February 27, 9:38 PM EST

Sports scores? I have no idea. Guys, more helpful than sports scores right now would be some updates on the Oscars. They're going on right now, you know. SOMEONE has to be watching. Don't they want to text their friends named Leila about it?
Hey its true. His nose is all round
from an 832 phone number, Sunday, February 27, 3:47 PM EST

I also noticed that sometimes wen desmonds looks down he gets a double chin
from an 832 phone number, Sunday, February 27, 3:56 PM EST

Ha ha, oh man these girls know a lot of deformed boys.
Playing wuth my moms dresses
from an 818 phone number, Saturday, February 26, 11:58 PM EST

Texts from a Very Young Drag Queen.
GREAT workshop by my account. I hope the students agree. Thanks a million addles of noodles for you support in makin' it happen! Look forward to more. Xo
from a 267 phone number, Saturday, February 26, 7:32 PM EST

Can I come next time? I want to go to a great workshop, please.
Ariana is beeing real mean!!
from a 347 phone number, Saturday, February 26, 5:54 PM EST

I'm sorry, 347, but I can't help you here. You are going to have to fight this battle on your own.
Yo best sleepover ever i luv u
from a 347 phone number, Friday, February 25, 10:36 AM EST

So i just asked my mom over the phone were i was born and she said mermanmadies hospital in brooklyn not manhatten soooo a bk girl so ha eat it
from a 347 phone number, Saturday, Febraury 26, 2:42 PM EST

Totally, 347, you are a b-girl. You like to sit on your stoop and attend loft parties.

I live in Brooklyn and even I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about here.
Come see jb movie with us!
from a 224 phone number, Friday, February 25, 4:36 PM EST

My friend Rebecca saw the Justin Bieber movie. She loved it. Me, I'm just not that into it. Sorry, 224.
Donde andas? hay alguien en tu casa? voy x las cosas
from a 956 phone number, Friday, February 25, 12:29 PM EST

Where are you walking? Is there someone in your house? I'm going to the things

Sorry if that doesn't make sense, but that is what it says.
FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: If u love the devil close this txt. If u love god & glad he woke u up today send this to ten ppl & see what happen in 60 mi
from a 917 phone number, Thursday, February 24, 9:13 PM EST

If you were wondering, those are the only two options. Either you love God, or you love the Devil. That is it.
Leila ky has the BEST haircut EVER he is so cute !!!!!!!
from a 781 phone number, Thursday, February 24, 12:15 PM EST

OMG. Pics, please!
I need one of you to be home at noon today for the plumber for the back toilet.
from a 520 phone number, Thursday, February 24, 11:18 AM EST

Being an adult is so hard. If my roommate and I had an issue with our back toilet that could be fixed only by calling in a plumber, we would probably just close the bathroom door and only use the front toilet for at least two months.
Ur bath salt is at my house still ok. Marll be roound all day if u wanna come get it.
from a 720 phone number, Thursday, February 24, 11:15 AM EST

Of course I'm going to come get it. I can't get through a whole day without my bath salts.
Hey send me ringtones
from an 801 phone number, Wednesday, February 23, 5:26 PM EST

I only have two ringtones. One is the NBC Olympics theme, and the other is the intro to Bring It On (I'm sexy! I'm cute! I'm popular to boot!) I can't imagine 801 wants either of those, but, if she does, I'm glad to comply.

P.S. Not kidding.
Omg leila i talked to kelly after school & we all good now!
from a 650 phone number, Tuesday, February 22, 6:51 PM EST

Kelly is really forgiving. I wouldn't have left 650 off the hook so easily.
from a 707 phone number, Tuesday, February 22, 12:58 PM EST


a) 707 is really into the musical artist pink.
b) 707 just bought a new dress in the color of pink.
c) 707's nickname for Leila is "Pink" and she is trying to attract her attention.
All fine here. Luna up early to crap outside. Me off to pilates.dogs with aunt elaina.
from a 610 phone number, Monday, February 21, 9:14 AM EST

That sounds like a very productive morning. By 9:14 AM in my household, I am for sure not at pilates. Ideally, I am awake. And it is rare that anyone has already taken a crap, inside or outside.
Oh yeah can u get me a mocha frape and get nukayla a small fry is u can
from a 781 phone number, Sunday, February 20, 12:19 PM EST

And also a chocolate milkshake, for me.
she takes credit 4 everthing i do and she blames things on people
I love Leonardo Dicaprio!!!!!!

from a 703 phone number, Sunday, February 20, 9:43 AM EST

This girl's ultimate dream is that whoever she is talking about will move to another time zone, and then Leonardo Dicaprio will swoop in and propose to her. That would be the perfect day, for 703.
well lucy has to be my companian because they all fell asleep

from a 732 phone number, Saturday, February 19, 10:37 PM EST

Honey, this is what the Internet is for. Someone is always awake on the Internet, so you will never get lonely.
I understand if ur mad....i really wanted to see u i had the gift in my car...can i give it to u monday?
from a 240 phone number, Saturday, February 19, 10:00 PM EST

I am mad. That is my gift. I deserve it. How dare you make me wait until Monday to receive what is rightfully mine.
Leila mostafa is talkin

from a 609 phone number, Thursday, February 17, 5:24 PM EST

You probably already knew this, but I'm kind of oblivious to pop culture: This sig line refers to a Wiz Khalifa song. This music video has close to 45 million views on youtube, so you DEFINITELY already knew about this. If it weren't for the Leila Texts, I would be even more cut-off from society. If you can even imagine such a thing.
Do you have martins number?? If so can u give it to me??!!
from a 713 phone number, Wednesday, February 16, 10:12 PM EST

I need to ask him out immediately!! The dance if on Friday and it is already Wednesday!! I am a procrastinator!!!