Sunday, October 4, 2009

I applied 4 a job in a mental house... They said i need 24 hrs of experience with a retard... U wanna chill 2moro? I got crayons n stuff
from a 770 phone number, Sunday, October 4, 9:37 PM

Sometimes people are incredibly insensitive and I don't really understand why my namesakes are friends with them.
i found ur phone
from a 310 phone number, Saturday, October 3, 12:02 PM

But if 310 has Leila's phone, then how will Leila get this text message?
hey leila it is me erin i am on haleys phone
from an 859 phone number, Friday, October 2, 8:16 PM

Okay, great, Erin. Now, why are you telling Leila this? Does she need this information for something?
i just wanted to let you know that i love you so very much! thanks for loving me back
from an 815 phone number, Friday, October 2, 1:54 PM

Aww! This may be kind of boring, but still, it is my favorite genre of text.
Send this message to ppl at jcs to help me!!!!!
from a 561 phone number, Friday, October 2, 11:38 AM

Journal of Cell Science? Joint Chiefs of Staff? Good luck getting help from those layabouts!
Call me. ps bday today. xox m
from an 847 phone number, Friday, October 2, 9:55 AM

Happy birthday! To someone!
Hey girl-dont know where ur purse is but um good. Gonna be home tmrw.
from a 650 phone number, Friday, October 2, 1:02 AM

"I guess it doesn't help you any to know that I'm good, considering that your purse is missing... but, you know, I'm glad to let you live vicariously through me!"
from a 631 phone number, Thursday, Octover 1, 5:01 PM

You can use as many interrobangs as you want, 631; Leila is still not going to respond to you.