Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hi in atlanta going to knoxvill but are plaine needed matnese so we are still in airport but they held are flight back 20-30 min
from a 561 phone number, Thursday, June 9, 11:29 AM EST

Just to begin to clarify what is going on in this text: 561 thinks that "our" is spelled "are." Ohhh and I think "maintenance" is "matnese." This is all fitting together now.
Do you guys have any dispensers aut could use for talent show tom and we will return them
from a 954 phone number, Wednesday, June 8, 7:51 PM EST

What is Aut's talent that it requires a bunch of dispensers? Dispensing things?
Sorry about blank messages. Papa here...and I cant figure out Mama's phone. R u done? How'd it go? What r u doing? Love you, Mama & Papa


from a 740 phone number, Saturday, June 11, 1:24 PM EST

Oh my gosh, it's Prema! Our favorite recurring Leila Text character! Well, okay, not really. It is Prema's husband on Prema's phone. BUT STILL.
malchak We need bread at the house.
from a 404 phone number, Sunday, June 12, 12:55 PM EST

malchak I lost my phone charger and I can't find it
from a 404 phone number, Monday, June 13, 12:00 PM EST

Guys, you will never believe this, but this Intended Leila is a doctor!. (Yes, it is the same Leila Malchak, one because this is a super uncommon name, and two because this doctor lives in Georgia and 404 is a Georgia number.) What are the odds? Maybe she can help out all the other Leila Texters this week with their vast and sundry health issues!
Could u get me some more prevacid? i was going 2 buy some but ran out of money. thanks.
from a 706 phone number, Tuesday, June 14, 6:50 AM EST

Like I said, we have a full roster of health issues this week!
Yay! we will sooon love ya!
from an 803 phone number, Tuesday, June 14, 11:23 AM EST

Not yet, but stay tuned! Our love, to come!
Hi ppl in my contacts
I <3 horses

from a 336 phone number, Tuesday, June 14, 3:38 PM EST

Usually when you send a mass text to everyone in your phone book, you are at least supposed to pretend like it is personal. Schoolboy error, 336. But I will forgive it, as I also heart horses.
Babe today is the 15th anniversary of ella fitzgeralds death....thought u would like to know that =)
from an 856 phone number, Wednesday, June 15, 10:12 AM EST

Either Leila really loves Ella Fitzgerald and wants to know any piece of trivia about her, or Leila really hates Ella Fitzgerald and would rejoice on the anniversary of her death. But, like, does anyone out there actually HATE Ella Fitzgerald?
May I ask a favor of you? I had a portion of a filling in a lower jawtooth come out. Could u make an appt for me w/ur dentist late this coming wk or maybe
from a 361 phone number, Wednesday, June 15, 8:15 PM EST

It is a bad week for Leila Texters' health, apparently.
steve said Jim was kind of a dick. carnival barker, talks over people even over Sesh.
from a 561 phone number, Wednesday, June 15, 8:54 PM EST

Hahaha I have never before called a loud, obnoxious talked a "carnival barker." But now I will!
I have a major Drs sppt at 3:00 in Washington for thyroid ck up. I can help in morning before I have appt. Let me know how we can manage. xo
from a 301 phone number, Wednesday, June 15, 11:18 PM EST

"Major doctor's appointment" never sounds good. I hope it goes okay, 301!
Feel better....b-b-q and swim here on Sunday.
from a 610 phone number, Thursday, June 16, 7:22 PM EST

Like I just said, summer is da bomb.
so hows us summer goin?
summer is da bomb

from a 330 phone number, Thursday, June 16, 7:34 PM EST

Well, I had a margarita with dinner tonight. So, yeah. I agree. Summer is da bomb.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I found out the differeance! Medical has more THC than regular
from an 860 phone number, Saturday, June 11, 10:08 PM EST

Dangit! leila im soooooo bored! i hav 2 b in this stupid day care again cuz my dad is at the gym! T_T
from a 951 phone number, Sunday, June 12, 1:20 PM EST

I had not realized that neglectful body builders were giving cell phones to their four year olds, but I guess that makes sense.
i getting hair color do you want me to pick a colr to highlight your hair with. seriously
(you dont wanna be me)

from a 585 phone number, Thursday, June 9, 4:24 PM EST

Seriously, you say? Okay, then. Yes. Red. Or, like, not quite red. Auburn.
Leila you rule and i suck really badly. You may hit me as hard as you like. I love you so much
from a 415 phone number, Thursday, Junr 9, 1:54 PM EST

This relationship makes me highly uncomfortable.
She dosent like in the first place. I as ugly as s***
from a 302 phone number, Thursday, June 9, 12:31 PM EST

If she doesn't like you just because you are ugly as shit, then she is just shallow. You deserve better.
2 T sugar 1 cup half n half 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract. half cu course salt in a gallon bag fill halfway and shake.
from an 805 phone number, Wednesday, June 8, 4:34 PM EST

This could be the final exam in cooking school. Like, "I'll give you this recipe. You tell me what dish it makes." My best guess is... Sweet n Salty Half n Half. Delish.