Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lets her know she s not missing anything
from a 865 phone number, Tuesday, February 12, 9:30 PM

When someone says you're not missing anything, a lot of the time, you actually are. Have you noticed that?
cell im here with money
from a 703 phone number, Tuesday, February 12, 5:38 PM

Well all right. I wasn't going to come see you, but if you're here with money, I suppose I can be bothered.
My love is easily bought!
now we can sit here and talk about Nicole and she'll never know.
from a 618 phone number, Wednesday, February 13, 4:01 PM

That would have been a good plan, 618 girl, had your text actually reached Leila (who, I imagine, was sitting about five feet from you when you sent this). I bet 618 was very bewildered when her gossipy little plan failed to come to fruition.
from a 408 phone number, Wednesday, February 13, 10:13 PM

I know I'm paranoid, but what with the all-caps and everything, this just reads like someone who's trying out the Leila Texts and wants real bad for me to call them back, to prove that the Texts actually work. I know, I know, it's probably actually a text from someone who GENUINELY NEEDS Leila's help, and someone probably died because I was too wary to call this number, but, well... Don't entrust something so "REALLY IMPORTANT!" to text, okay?
u look soooo cute in your new coat
from a 949 phone number, Thursday, February 14, 1:27 AM

Aww thanks! I love these sorts of supportive texts. Some Leilas have got great friends.
Willburton inn in manchester
from a 201 phone number, Thursday, February 14, 2:09 PM

Wilburton Inn is "Manchester Vermont's 30 acre grand Victorian inn. High on the crest of a hill overlooking Vermont's Green Mountains, the Wilburton Inn is the largest private estate in Manchester Village." It looks pretty damn classy. I wonder what 201 is doing there. Getting married, maybe? It seems like a good getting-married place.
Happy valentines Day Love Gerry
from a 603 phone number, Thursday, February 14, 9:24 AM

Happy valentine day
from a 978 p[hone number, Thursday, February 14, 9:51 AM

I love u
from a 914 phone number Thursday, February 14, 3:25 PM

This was it for the Valentine's Day wishes. It's a little of a disappointing showing. I mean, I got way more misdirected "Happy Thanksgiving" texts back in November. Are so few people really in love with Leilas? I don't accept it.
Flowery elephants
from a 914 phone number, Thursday. February 14, 5:28 PM

from a 914 phone number, Thursday, February 14, 5:32 PM

More flowery elephants
from a 914 phone number, Thursday, February 14, 5:36 PM

I would love to be able to understand this inside joke. I bet Leila would have found it hilarious.
Msg: I+L+o+v+e+y+o+u send 2 everyone u love whether its real love, homie love, friend love, or family love, if you get 5 back, your loved! Happy V day!
from a 415 phone number, Friday, February 15, 8:25 AM

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that loses it relevance pretty quickly. While a belated birthday gift is acceptable, a belated Valentine's Day gift really is not, and a Valentine's text coming on February 15 is a little awkward.

Also: Who knew anyone still used the word "homie"?
this jude wat u doin

from a 954 phone number, Saturday, February 16, 12:06 AM

Young Dougie must be pretty cool, since he uses a "3" in place of an "E." l337, and all related number-for-letter substitution, is inherently cool.
hola sweetheart it AJ *Amie*Bamie*
from a 541 phone number, Saturday, February 16, 11:28 AM

As in "Aly and..."? (One can always dream.)