Saturday, March 12, 2011

I forgot to get the flowers for today
from a 574 phone number, Thursday, March 10, 12:34 PM EST

This dinner party is fucking ruined. Let's just give up now.
So what do ya think? U an amanda?
from a 253 phone number, Thursday, March 10, 1:17 AM EST

This is not the same Leila Texter who asked if I was mad at Amanda. Apparently a LOT of people are interested in Leilas' relationships with Amandas this week.
Call me
from a 510 phone number, Thursday, March 10, 10:36 PM EST

510 must be a big Blondie fan.
Send me the pic of the fairy
from an 801 phone number, Friday, March 11, 10:23 PM EST

Yeah, pics or it didn't happen. And by "it," I mean "seeing a fairy."
hi, i may not be there untill 12:30 do u want to put my squaline in the mail box?
from a 951 phone number, Saturday, March 12, 2:03 PM EST

Apparently squalene is a type of oil used in cosmetics. There is not, as far as I can tell, a story entitled "For Esme, with Love and Squalene." But perhaps there ought to be.
bomber 3rd in meet...bacon 2nd and took 4 arx...good 4 bonzer!11
from a 484 phone number, Saturday, March 12, 4:16 PM EST

There appears to have been a competition of some sort. Beyond that, I have no idea.
OMG why does it take you so long to answer me????????
from a 425 phone number, Saturday, March 12, 7:45 PM EST

I'm not going to answer that.
are you watching idol
from a 425 phone number, Thursday, March 10, 11:09 PM EST

No... Are there any awesome American Idols who I need to be aware of this time around?

In posting this text, I just looked up American Idol on wikipedia. Man, there is a LOT I did not know about that show.
r u mad @ me? whats wrong
BIEBER fEVER make this ur sig!!

from a 302 phone number, Wednesday, March 9, 8:07 AM EST

R u mad at amanda?
from an 801 phone number, Saturday, March 12, 12:07 AM EST

Let's clear the air: No, I am not mad at 302. No, I am not mad at Amanda, either. I feel wholly apathetic toward both of these girls. In a way, apathy hurts even more than hatred. In a way.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a little late...but finally on my way home
from a 520 phone number, Wednesday, March 2, 8:11 PM EST

Dad kust texted he was coming home tonight cause he wanted to cause his daughters live here. = asked him directed text u two...I doubt he will tho.
from a 520 phone number, Sunday, March 6, 6:27 PM EST

Dad sounds like a bit of a deadbeat, but I think his heart is in the right place.
no reply from sally yet I ll call her in the morning if she cant get you baba will work it out Tell baba to ask bababoz if he is free tomorrow to get y
from a 425 phone number, Tuesday, March 8, 12:49 AM EST

sally will take you after school she will take you to sees or home when claire goes to cheer love you
from a 425 phone number, Tuesday, March 8, 10:52 AM EST

Sally to the rescue! Thank God. I wasn't in to the idea of Leila being deserted at school while Claire goes to cheer.
Did u check in
from a 603 phone number, Tuesday, March 8, 7:49 AM EST

No. You know why? Because I don't have Foursquare. Why? Because I don't have a smartphone. Why? Because I need to have a dumbphone in order to RECEIVE LEILA TEXTS. So that is why I didn't check in. These are the sacrifices I make for my "art."
I mite not go to scul today i think im gettin the stumich flu boo hooo
from a 925 phone number, Tuesday, March 8, 10:11 AM EST

925, I would suggest that you rethink that decision. I know you might be throwing up or whatever, but I just really think you could use some time at school. I mean, scul.
I think you'd make a wonderful physician leila. i just want you to make yourself happy. we only get this one life so why waste it
from a 203 phone number, Friday, March 4, 9:55 PM EST

These are wise words which we could all stand to heed. I mean, not the part about bow Leila would make a wonderful physician. But the rest of it.
Not sure but either way shell hav to meet me at argo cuz im going there in an hr
from a 516 phone number, Friday, March 4, 3:39 PM EST

OMG, are we talking about ARGO TEA? My favorite TEA CHAIN? Have I mentioned how I have a LoyalTea Card there? (This is a real thing.) Argo used to be only in Chicago, so when I moved to NYC I missed it a great deal, but now it is also in NYC, which means I keep going into the Argo and gushing at the unimpressed college-aged baristas, "I'm just so glad you're HERE!"
Leilaaa ask your mom if you can go to the game now bcs when you ask last minute she changes her mind
from a 224 phone number, Friday, March 4, 11:05 AM EST

Maybe this is just me, but I HATE these sorts of friends, who you have to micromanage. Like, "Hey, Leila, ask your mom for permission now instead of waiting to the last second like you usually do!" "If you're coming over for a sleepover tonight, you have to figure out who is going to drive you." "You should leave your house now in order to meet me half an hour from now." Like, why can't people figure this out on their own?

Is this just me?
Sweetheart?what was the name of the pills u gave me last night?im in u need anything from here?
from a 347 phone number, Thursday, March 3, 7:19 PM EST

I can has cigarette tomorrowww?
from a 772 phone number, Thursday, March 2, 2:39 PM EST

Society: 772 has just hit upon a brilliant idea for a blog. It will be like "I Can Haz Cheeseburger," only it will be about people can hazing cigarettes. GET ON IT, the Internet.
from a 315 phone number, Thursday, March 3, 7:47 AM EST

My heart goes out to the parents of young dancers. The bit where they have to sit in an auditorium and watch five groups of strangers' kids dance in between their own daughter's jazz and tap dances? Miserable.

My parents used to have to attend my gymnastics meets, which is like that, except maybe even worse, since my routines totaled about five minutes out of about eight hours. I didn't feel bad for them at the time, however. I just assumed they WANTED to watch me.
We are confirmed for 11am schoenberg panel!
from a 323 phone number, Wednesday, March 2, 10:56 PM EST

Presumably a panel about composer Arnold Schoenberg. Or, possibly, not.
please put that black cape of mine over that laptop. gracie and all others leave that one hooked up.....they just cover them up.
from a 706 phone number, Wednesday, March 2, 12:58 PM EST

This is a good plan because thieves are characterologically incapable of lifting capes to see if they conceal valuable goods.
Hey how is vegas???
from an 801 phone number, Tuesday, March 1, 12:57 AM EST

Uncannily like the film Ocean's 11. Weird, right?
message I just got fromm Dad FWD: good. i owe you a trip to jail. i'll track this down tomorrow. your txt says you used a debit card. interesting.
from a 520 phone number, Tuesday, March 1, 12:41 AM EST

I just googled the phrase "I owe you a trip to jail," in quotation marks, to determine if that's a thing that people often say to each other. Answer: No.