Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tomorrow night (Thursday, February 16) I'm going to be part of a humor reading at Greenlight Bookstore, in Brooklyn. In addition to reading from one of my novels, I am ALSO going to do a live-action demonstration of The Leila Texts. So if you have always wanted to see this technology work "IRL," and if you live in NYC, then tomorrow is your chance.

Full event information:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

FWD: Hey its Lorena. ur confirmation number is 5IBCYO. delta charges for a suitcase so try to bring a carry on luggage.
from a 203 phone number, Wednesday, February 8, 11:50 AM EST

More from this 203, who has been planning this trip through many, many text messages.

Also, if I may: WHY do airlines charge for the first suitcase? That just leads to people trying to stick really big bags into the overhead compartments, which leads to crowded aisles and annoyed flight attendants. I understand you want to make money, but wouldn't your employees have higher job satisfaction if they didn't have to deal with people trying to fit 50-pound bags overhead?

Just saying.
Hi all celebrating Tim at our house Friday from 6pm until? Obit in paper tomorrow more later
from a 757 phone number, Wednesday, February 8, 2:27 PM EST

This makes me sad. Getting texts about memorial services and obituaries always makes me sad.
Just wanted to update ReRe is out of surgery and all went well. Depending on her pain level will depend on if she stays for the night. Will update asap
from a 410 phone number, Wednesday, February 8, 4:32 PM EST

Great news! I hope ReRe heals up nicely and quickly.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What happened with twin cities asking Sandra to resign???!!!!!
from a 323 phone number, Thursday, February 9, 2:06 AM EST

I really hope it's not because Sandra uses facebook while she's at work. I do that too sometimes, but I don't want to get asked to resign.
This from H. FWD: What ? Tomorrow at 7:30 am are you sure did you buy it already
from a 203 phone number, Tuesday, February 7, 6:34 PM EST

From ur brother FWD: Ask her if they can't do it for Thursday morning or wedsday night
from a 203 phone number, Tuesday, February 7, 6:37 PM EST

He said the flights r cheaper at night. he wants to know for wed or thur nite. il look too.
from a 203 phone number, Tuesday, February 7, 6:37 PM EST

If you're booking for tomorrow or Wednesday, wouldn't all the flights be expensive because it's so last-minute? Speaking of, it's almost never a good sign when people need to buy last-minute plane tickets. That usually means something has gone wrong.
jones Your boyfriend is gone to sleep i love you goodnigth
from a 478 phone number, Monday, February 6, 11:47 PM EST

Who doesn't love it when their boyfriends refer to themselves in the third person?
Hi.. Are yu home? I arrived now & wanted 2 check a doc in my bag at yur place. It'll take 10 mins. Pl. tell if i can come now?
from a 703 phone number, Thursday, February 2, 8:14 PM EST

Hi. Do yu have a scanner at home or office? I need to get 4 pages scanned. Can yu help?
from a 703 phone number, Monday, February 6, 5:59 PM EST

Does 703 think he's texting a Staples? He's not. He's texting me.

from a 770 phone number, Sunday, February 5, 7:18 AM EST

"hey" is the lamest of all text messages, but that sig line more than makes up for it.
Hey is you still have that video can you send it to me? :)
from a 770 phone number, Tuesday, January 31, 7:57 PM EST

It wasn't until the smiley face that things started to get weird, but now I have to admit that I'm pretty curious as to what exactly "that video" shows...
are we on for duos sat 11.15 to 12.15?
from an 831 phone number, Thursday, February 2, 6:55 PM EST

Tennis! I know this one! I am an athlete.

...Or maybe tennis is "doubles"? Is that the same as "duos"?
jolly Hi . Just checking to see if u r ok. Do we need 2 run energy 4 u?
from a 706 phone number, Thursday, February 2, 9:13 PM EST

I'd love for you to run energy for me, if only so I can figure out what the fuck that means. Is it like a road race?
No u nut havent scratched the surface w u
from a 734 phone number, Thursday, February 2, 9:33 PM EST

I don't really understand what 734 is saying here, but still I feel mildly insulted.
Hey! monicas bday is coming up and i thought it would be fun to do a girls nt out on the 24th or 25th...u around then?
from a 575 phone number, Friday, February 3, 6:06 PM EST

When I was in high school, my friends and I always made fun of people who said "girls' night out." We went to an all-girls school so literally every night was a "girls' night out." Unless it was a "girls' night in." It wasn't a co-ed night out or in.
How much snow did y get waiting
from a 651 phone number, Sunday, February 5, 1:48 PM EST

None. 651 is in Minnesota, so I guess it snowed there. That place is more north than where I live.

from a 601 phone number, Sunday, February 5, 5:50 PM EST

You know, same as any nite. Sexy.
Just sent you and email about how tuesday is now good for me and not thurs dont know if you can call mrs culbreth to see if you can lock in tuesday. p
from a 706 phone number, Monday, February 6, 3:26 PM EST

But, see, Tuesday is today, and that isn't good for me, since I am busy updating my blog. I think we're going to have to reschedule, 706.
Hey gorgeous good luck with your meeting!
from a 248 phone number, Monday, January 23, 6:40 PM EST

Hey gorgeous how was your class? I found that metaphor book as a pdf woohoo
from a 248 phone number, Wednesday, January 25, 12:09 PM EST

good luck today beautiful! Love you
from a 248 phone number, Monday, February 6, 10:38 AM EST

I am never going to tell 248 that his text messages aren't reaching Leila. I just like being called "gorgeous" too much.