Monday, May 5, 2008

should i go to grandmas
from a 951 phone number, Monday, May 5, 12:59 PM

Lot of texting going on about grandmothers recently, isn't there? Is it Grandma's Day or something? (I would imagine Grandma's Day would be a holiday, like Mother's Day, only 1) Grandmas are older than Mothers, and 2) Grandmas Day does not actually exist.)

Let this be a friendly PSA, though, that Mother's Day is this Sunday, so now is a good time to buy a Mother's Day card. I'm saying this because I care about you, not because my own mother reads my blog. (HI MOM.)
we r the only ones...
from a 508 phone number, Monday, May 5, 12:07 PM
You're fierce.
from a 631 phone number, Sunday, May 4, 11:55 PM

Honestly not the number-one adjective I'd use to describe myself, but that actually may be for the best, since I don't really want to get a text that says, "You're neurotic," or, "You're blue-eyed."
Hi all!!! Have been out of touch with everyone lately due to an intense work schedule & now have a new phone number. It is 347-xxx-xxxx. If you already h
from a 347 phone number, Sunday, May 4, 8:31 PM

ave this #, sorry. -Justin K.
from a 347 phone number, Sunday, May 4, 8:31 PM

Justin actually sent this text with his full phone number and last name, but this is me doing my small pathetic bit to protect the privacy of a man whose words I am broadcasting all over the Internet.

Anyway, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Justin K. for signing this with his full name, because do you have any idea how confusing it is to get texts that say "I have a new phone number" signed by, say, "Emily"? And then I have to text back and be like, "Sorry, is this an Emily that I KNOW? Is this MY friend Emily who changed her number? Or are you a RANDOM Emily?"

It's like the time my friend Jess texted to say that she couldn't come to my party, but since I didn't have her number stored in my contacts list, I disregarded her message as a Leila Text. And the next day I was like, "Dude, why weren't you at my party?" And she was like, "Uh, I totally texted to say I wouldn't be there."

haha get it...pretty much...pretty...hehe
from a 763 phone number, Sunday, May 4, 4:54 PM

Wait, no. I don't get it.

guess wat i m doing
from a 763 phone number, Sunday, May 4, 4:57 PM

Um, texting nonsensical jokes to Leila?