Friday, November 21, 2008

what the hell are you doing. leila
from a 763 phone number, Thursday, November 20, 9:18 PM

This sounded pretty angry, and I figured maybe I could stave off some of the anger by replying. So I sent my standard Leila Text reply, which I don't send to everything, just the ones that I think especially demand an answer, and then only when I have the time. My standard reply, in case you were wondeirng, is something like, "Sorry your text came to me instead of Leila. Please text her again by pulling her name out of your contacts list. Do not type it in."

A few minutes after I sent this explanatory text, I received this response:

who is this and sorry for the messege
from a 763 phone number, Thursday, November 20, 10:11 PM

I was like, cool, problem solved, it's kind of this person to apologize. I didn't text back-- why would I? What more do 763 and I have to say to each other?

Loads, apparently.

WHO IS this. you dont have to say but what did the meseege say please tell me it can be personal.
from a 763 phone number, Thursday, November 20, 10:45 PM

"What did the meseege say"? Uh, what do you THINK it said? Check your outbox and see what you tried to text to Leila earlier. That's what it said.

This was a dumb question, and I was out with my friend Becca, and I don't like being spoken to in capital letters by strangers. I still didn't reply. A few minutes later...

is this a person of computer.
from a 763 phone number, Thursday, November 20, 10:52 PM

A computer? Kid, what is your concept of how technology works?

Finally, I found a lull in Becca and my conversation and called 763. (Which, frankly, is what 763 should have done herself. When text messages are not getting the response you want, CALLING is an excellent back-up. Not to sound retro or anything.)

763 sounded very, very slow. I reiterated what I had said in my text message, like thirty seconds passed, and then 763 said, "Oh."

I was like, "Yeah, so, are we done here?"

Another thirty second passed because 763 asked me, "What did the text say?"

For Christ's sake. "It asked Leila what she was doing. No big deal." I left out the "hell" part of 763's original text. I don't know why. I guess I thought that was the "personal" part.

763 said, "Oh."

I said, "I'm hanging up now."

I hung up. Becca said, "I can't believe I just witnessed the Leila Texts IN ACTION."

Nothing but fun and games when you go out with me on a Thursday evening, as I'm sure this posting demonstrates.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

FWD: Why do U of U fans store their diploma on their windshield?

So that they can park in handicapped parking.

from a 661 phone number, Thursday, November 20, 7:10 PM

It's refreshing to see a chain text like this that's NOT about President-elect Obama.
DANG ur fine! Cute ass smile, bangin body, Sexy as ever! Why u smiling? This was sent 2 me, im just lettin u read it! HAHAHA
from a 727 phone number, Thursday, November 20, 3:46 PM

And now, dear reader, I am letting YOU read it, too. Spreading the love/lust.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

leila u rule
from a 970 phone number, Wednesday, November 19, 12:34 AM

I almost didn't post this text here because I was so convinced it was for me, but, like, I guess it's possible that some other Leila out there rules, too.
So Peter really needs to get his powers back.
from a 425 phone number, Wednesday, November 19, 12:32 AM

I have decided this is a text about Heroes. I don't watch Heroes, but, on the basis of this text, I now feel perfectly comfortable slipping into conversation, "Heroes would be a way better show if only Pete would get his powers back." Yes? All your Heroes-watchers out there, want to engage in conversation with me?
Tu ma se viene con lety
from a 909 phone number, Tuesday, November 18, 2:27 PM

"Your something comes with something."

Jesus Christ, the UN should hire me as a translator or something.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey does ur mobile im cost u anything
from an 847 phone number, Monday, November 17, 7:55 PM

Probably. There's not much free in the way of phones. Except for the joy a Leila Text brings. That's priceless.
Please bring our lettuce for our seafood salad thanks see you in an hour
from a 510 phone number, Sunday, November 16, 8:25 PM

Ew I hate seafood salads. But I do love dinner parties!
hey whats up is anyone there yet?
from a 310 phone number, Sunday, November 16, 6:58 PM

Maybe like Leila is throwing a party and 310 doesn't want to be the first guest there so she's trying to figure out who else has already arrived? Only... who throws parties on Sunday evenings?

Oh, that reminds me-- I'm trying to schedule a winter cocktail party and am having a hell of a time of it. If one of your friends invited you to a Thursday night cocktail party, would you go? Is Thursday, as I was informed today, indeed the new Friday?