Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hey leila it is Alex. How are you doing buddy. I hope you have fun this weekend at thr superbull party. Please take alot of pictures of that hot guy.
from a 503 phone number, Friday, February 1, 8:29 PM

Hey it is alex again. Just letting you know that you are one of my really great friends.
Luv ya

from a 503 phone number. Friday, February 1, 8:38 PM

Hey girl it is alex. Did you see the snow outside? Maybe we should hang out later on today!
from a 503 phone number, Saturday., February 2, 1:19 PM

Hey it is alex again. call me later on when you get the chance.
Luv ya

from a 503 phone number, Saturday, February 2, 1:21 PM

Here is my only question: Why does Alex feel the need to identify herself at the beginning of every text message ("Hey it is Alex")? Can't Leila just save Alex's number into her phone? I mean, at this point, EVEN I recognize when a text message is from Alex.

It's like when people start their emails by saying, "Hi Leila, it's Jane Smith." And I'm like, "Really. Because you know, your email address is"
Si me case ? no este bichito es tullo cuando tu quieras
from a 631 phone number, Friday, February 1, 2:29 PM

If I'm married? This bichito is not yours when you want.

(I know I have some fluent Spanish speakers reading this blog. Help a girl out, will you?)
Yooo u comin th cammano's class?

from a 973 phone number, Friday, February 1, 9:58 AM

Yooo mad bored cona lmaoo

from a 973 phone number, Friday, February 1, 10:05 AM

Yet another trademarked sig line! Those little tildes and the alternating capital and lower case letters really serves to draw JeNnI's text messages together into a cohesive package. I rarely sign my texts at all. I obviously need to work on my personal branding.

Quick word of note, howevver: JeNnI, "lmao" means "laughing my ass off." Preumably, "lmaoo" means something like "laughing my ass off outrageously." You cannot be "mad bored" if you are laughing so hard. Think it over.
hey dorkiss kiss cause you like to kiss peeps and you like to or wish you could make out with chris brown(chris breezy) ***A.E.C***
from a 541 phone number, Thursday, January 31, 1:22 AM

Hey little person...I LOVE CARSON! ***A.E.C***
from a 541 phone number, Thursday, January 31, 1:27 AM

hey whats up with you today? I love texting on this phone and I could text forever on it!!!!! ***A.E.C***
from a 541 phone number, Thursday. January 31, 2:54 PM

A.E.C has waaaaay more energy than I ever do. A.E.C also has this "sig line" with the little asterisks and so on, which I think gives her text messages a real "trademark."

Do you know who Chris Brown is? I did not until I googled him. Here are two fascinating sites I unearthed:

a discussion among preteen girls about how much they love Chris Breezy
Chris Breezy performing a song and dance number on FOX

Leila wishes she could make out with him, you know.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

his pp r a piece of shit
from a 917 phone number, Wednesday, January 30, 9:56 PM

What are his "pp," that 917 thinks they're so shitty? His people? Papers? Principles? What are other words with two "p"s in them?
Let's meet.
from a 404 phone number, Wednesday, January 30, 4:25

I imagine 404 will interpret Leila's failure to respond as a tacit "Let's... not."
Can you practice @ lunch today?
from a 734 phone number, Wednesday, January 30, 9:07 AM

I kind of miss the days of lunchtime practices. It was always a nice break from classes to go, like, have a practice debate round. I wish people would do that with me nowadays, but nowadays I rarely even take lunch, let alone a lunchtime long enough to practice anything other than eating.
Wer is it
from a 917 phone number, Monday, January 28, 1:19 PM

Where did you last see it? Have you checked all your pockets?
Hi leila i m sad to know u r not well hope u recover quickly Luv u

from a 301 phone number, Monday, January 28, 12:14 PM

This text comforted me as I, much like the intended Leila, have had a touch of a cold this past week. I sort of wish she could have received this so she could see what a nice guy her dad is, but still I'm not above appropriating well-wishes directed toward someone else.
Who is game for 7 45 n am?
from a 408 phone number, Sunday, January 27, 11:53 PM

Um, let me think... Oh wait, NOT ME. 7:45 AM? Jeez, BE EARLIER, why don't you.
who is molly tallon
from a 253 phone number, Sunday, January 27, 9:47 PM

Well, according to Google, Molly Tallon is

a) a 5'5" volleyball player
b) a 19-year-old girl living in Chapel Hill

Maybe you should do some research first, before you ask Leila, hmmm 253 girl?

Oh, and Molly: I assume that someday you will google yourself and stumble across this blog entry. I'm sorry about that. I know it might creep you out a little.
Help im at a 4 year old's party
from an 818 phone number, Sunday, January 27, 7:22 PM

That sounds pretty awesome, actually. Do you get to play pin the tail on the donkey? Do you get to eat ice cream cake? I hope you don't have to play musical chairs. That game always makes me really anxious, for some reason, and I have never been able to lose it graciously-- nor have I ever won it, that I can recall.
Had to try this.
from a 773 phone number, Sunday, January 27, 3:11 PM

Probably for me. 773 is Chicago, and I know a lot of people in Chicago. Plus "Had to try this" is precisely the sort of message you'd text to a girl who claims to receive text messages from strangers when you want to test it yourself.
Can u pls bring ur imp not 2morow min is al out of order
from a 917 phone number, Sunday, January 27, 1:28 PM

Sorry, can I bring my... what? "imp not"? And it's not even like she was using predictive texting and the phone mispredicted. I wonder if my imp not is all out of order, too. I wonder how I would know.