Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good2Cu! hair looks gr8t!
from a 319 phone number, Wednesday, May 28, 1:31 PM

I actually did get my hair cut a few days ago! And I could totally use the compliments! This particular compliment happens to come from someone who has never seen my hair, but, what the hell-- thanks, 319!
Hey Leila! Have a great night!
from a 407 phone number, Tuesday, May 27, 11:19 PM

Thanks 407! You too! (Though, too be honest, this text would be more relevant on a weekend. Most of my Tuesday nights are neither great nor un-great. They are just nights.)
UCLA loves you


from a 323 phone number, Tuesday, May 27 10:16 PM

I WISH this were for me. Nothing melts my heart like l33t.
Hi leila its me avia i miss u soo much and i love u. I gotta go to bed ow so goodnight. p.s. How come u never email me anymore? haha jk
from an 845 phone number, Tuesday, May 27, 9:46 PM

Why do prepubescent girls think that, if you say something mean, you can make it okay by saying "just kidding"? "How come u never email me anymore? haha jk"? Avia, come on, you still accused Leila of never emailing you, "jk" or not.

Also, have you noticed that text messages from 12-year-olds read eerily like drunken ramblings? "i miss u soo much and i love u." Just saying.

Oh and leila its avia again. I have an aim screenname. It is YoHomiezItsAvia. Goodnight luv u sooooooo much.
from an 845 phone number, Tuesday, May 27, 9:48 PM

bwahahahahaha. Sorry, can you say your screenname again? "Yo Homiez It's..." Sorry, one more time? I didn't quite catch that.
R we suposd to write long explanations for every event for findleys project?
from an 831 phone number, Tuesday, May 27, 7:10 PM

This is an excellent use of texting technology. 831 doesn't want to call Leila, because then they will inevitably get involved in a long conversation ("How are you?" "Pretty good, you?" "Yeah, we just ate dinner." "That's cool." etc.), and 831 does not have time for that. 831 wants to focus on her homework. Yet she needs homework assignment advice from Leila. So what does she do? Text message! Brilliant! THIS is why the technology exists, you know, not so that people can duplicate message me "they look horrible" over and over again.
when r u coming home
from a 404 phone number, Tuesday, May 27, 6:32 PM

soon? plz? i am so lonely without u
Cierra wants to know what you're up to tonight. We're going to the movies later if you wanna come. <3

from an 814 phone number, Tuesday, May 27, 3:15 PM

Depends what you're going to see, really. I don't want to go to see any movie in the world, just because you and Cierra will be there. We'd just be sitting silently in the dark for two hours, so it had better be something I would enjoy.
Sry missed ur call, meet me at GCT, 6pm. See ya!
from a 914 phone number, Monday, May 26, 11:13 AM

Options according to Acronym Finder include "Giant Cell Tumor," "Global Communication Technology," "Ground Cavalry Troop," and "Grand Central Terminal." Probably 914 means that last one, though it would be more amusing if she meant one of the others.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

by the way scratch that last text...i went shoppin instead
from a 763 phone number, Saturday, May 24, 4:04 PM

I was hoping this text would be from the same girl who just texted about her period. Like, "Remember when I said I couldn't meet you because I was lying here, crippled, while my sis went to get my medicine? Well, scratch that. I went shopping."

Alas, that was just a story that I made up in my head, and not actually true.
hey sorry! i just started my period n my sis just left to get my medicine...i dont think ill make it up
from a 301 phone number, Saturday, May 24, 3:17 PM

Speaking here as a woman, I think it's weird that 301 has personalized period-medicine. She doesn't say, "My sis just left to get Mydol"; no, she says, "My sis just left to get my medicine" (emphasis mine). 301 must have one hardcore period, as what I take away here is:

1. she has specialized medicine just for her.
2. she can't even make it to the drugstore; someone else has to do that for her.
3. she can't make it to meet Leila, either.

It sounds downright debilitating! I don't envy her.
from a 408 phone number, Sunday, May 25, 6:46 PM

Well, yes, my name is Leila, if that's what you're asking...
im reduced to eating jamacia ginger cake with a spoon in despair
from a 650 phone number, Sunday, May 25, 4:05 PM

I don't know what Jamaica ginger cake is, but I don't care. I want to be friends with this person anyway.