Wednesday, February 15, 2012

meddings the voice !
Dont hurt my pretty lil heart

from a 704 phone number, Monday, February 13, 8:16 PM EST

Has anyone seen The Voice? Is it any good?
Duntley Can we chat at 5 i'm watching a moooovieeeee righ now ;) sorry lame excuse. hehe
from a 971 phone number, Saturday, February 11, 6:43 PM EST

It depends on the movie. For example, are you watching "Centerstage"? If so, then that's not a lame excuse. Are you watching "American Wedding"? That excuse would be pretty lame.
from an 818 phone number, Tuesday, February 14, 8:33 PM EST

Happy valentines u
from a 516 phone number, Tuesday, February 14, 8:56 AM EST

And a happy belated Valentine's Day to all of you out in Leila Texts Land! I hope it was extremely romantic.