Wednesday, September 24, 2008

milton is off to a good start. mrs.B has some tanya mannerisms (smile).
from a 914 phone number, Wednesday, September 24, 11:02 AM

I wonder what counts as Tanya mannerisms. They sound like they're good mannerisms to have, just based on that (smile), but for all I know this text is mocking Tanya and Mrs. B.
Hi leila! Ok, stu never called but i guess when he left me a msg he just meant that if he can make it he'll just show up. Aleks
from a 631 phone number, Tuesday, September 23, 6:47 PM

It sounds like Stu's probably not coming, Aleks. I'm sorry to break it to you, but this all sounds pretty noncommittal on his part.
Hey sup can you play outside and get Me *Keely*;-)
from an 808 phone number, Tuesday, September 23, 4:42 AM

How are you what are you doing

from an 808 phone number, Tuesday, September 23, 4:42 AM

Something here doesn't seem quite right to me. 808 is Hawaii, so I understand that, even though I received these texts at 4:42 AM, it was really only 10:42 PM on Monday night where Leila and Keely live. However. 10:42 is still pretty late on a weeknight, and these girls must be relatively young, in that Keely still uses the phrase "play outside." Does your mom know you're going to play outside, Keely?
So what is star tipping?
from an 814 phone number, Saturday, September 20, 10:23 PM

I hope it's like cow tipping. Only... for stars.
This lady & her daughter next to me keep talking & their breath is screaming!
from a 314 phone number, Saturday, September 20, 2:45 PM

How awkward would it have been if the lady and her daughter had glanced over and seen what 314 was texting about them?! So awkward. And isn't it kind of weird that BOTH the lady AND her daughter had such bad breath? Is halitosis genetic?