Saturday, August 28, 2010

I got mr herbeck
from a 201 phone number, Wednesday, August 25, 12: 44 PM EST

I hear he's a perv.
Wear swim wear 11~1
from a 706 phone number, Thursday, August 26, 9:39 PM EST

Only 11 to 1? Why? Wear swim wear ALL THE TIME! It's the summer, god damn it!
Hi Leila u don't have to take the dog out because Rich Chapman will do it. Thanks anyway
from a 203 phone number, Saturday, August 21, 12:47 PM EST

Hi we r in Nyc at Nintendo World. Is there anything special we should be
looking for

from a 203 phone number, Friday, August 27, 2:28 PM EST

I have never been to Nintendo World. Is it awesome?
i would wait to see how he is doing inbam he was drinking a milk shake and watching tv when we spoke
from a 301 phone number, Wednesday, August 25, 11:21 PM EST

The idea of drinking a milkshake and watching TV sounds fucking phenomenal to me. "Wait to see how he is doing"-- well how do you THINK he is doing? He's DRINKING A MILKSHAKE!
what you call me doesnt matter.
from an 828 phone number, Wednesday, August 25, 10:57 PM EST

Right. 'Cause a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. That's what 828 is getting at.
liver enzymes elevated alot of leu and mono told mom not to fill clindamycin
from a 301 phone number, Wednesday, August 25, 10:37 PM EST

alot of lymphs and mono with increase liver enzymes told mom not to start clindamycin looked very much like mono
from a 301 phone number, Wednesday, August 25, 10:43 PM EST

A lot of texts about infections this week. I am sensing a trend.
from a 978 phone number, Wednesday, August 25, 4:03 PM EST

Yes, and I bet that has done an awful lot for your literacy, hasn't it?
FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: FWD: Tomorrow 2 boys will say "hey can I have your # ?" or "do you have a bf?" Send to nine girls or the bad luck starts now.
from an 801 phone number, Monday, August 23, 10:55 PM EST

It seems like the teenage boys of America were kept very busy asking for girls' numbers on Tuesday, August 24.
I just saw taylor lautner on tv at the mets game
from a 201 phone number, Sunday, August 22, 3:51 PM EST

Seeing Taylor Lautner on TV is okay, but it's not as impressive as seeing him in person, now, is it?
thanks 4 coming by 2day it has been a long tough week but friends like u make it better
from an 850 phone number, Saturday, August 21, 7:03 PM EST

Are you gonna play volleyball????

from a 208 phone number, Thursday, August 19, 10:47 AM EST

I'm not exactly the sort of player you want on your team, unless getting hit in the face with volleyballs is a good strategy.

Also, apparently Jason Derulo is a musical artist. Thanks, the Leila Texts, for that cultural heads up.
good morning honey! 2day our man is "50!" took off work 2 be with him. 8/29 is Fantasy Football Draft,tons of fun,mom's @1:30. hope you can come. xoxoxo
from a 954 phone number, Thursday, August 19, 8:01 AM EST

"50" is in quotes because, in fact, their man is turning 65.
Leila said yo text you & see what kind od cars you have in the 8to9f bracket. I'd like a awd suburu this is cash $. Marcha
from a 607 phone number, Saturday, August 14, 12:16 PM EST

This is the second person who has texted me about buying a car in the past couple weeks. Does this trend mean that the recession is over for real?
And we're back! Big backlog of text messages collected while I was out of the country. Let's see how many I can get down.

pls start the cefzil or bactrim. Bug is sensitive to both. Pls let me know that you got this message. Never texted a patient before.
from a 617 phone number, Saturday, August 28, 1:08 PM EST

Sounds like Leila has some form of bacterial infection. Get well soon, Leila!