Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am cold seventy percent of the time
from a 707 phone number, Sunday, September 4, 4:12 PM EST

707 should team up with 310, and they can talk about being cold together.
is chanelle at the uh game? we saw someone on tv ,looks just like her
from an 808 phone number, Saturday, September 3, 11:54 PM EST

Ah, college sports. Back in season. Being televised and whatnot. I just wonder what "UH" is. University of...?

Also, as an aside: I did many extracurriculars in college. Debate. Scavenger Hunt. Writing for the newspaper. Improv Comedy. You should know that none of these were ever televised.
U r so beutiful
from a 323 phone number, Friday, September 2, 11:19 PM EST

After some deliberation, I have decided to take this as a compliment, even though it's not comprised 100% of words.
I just INHALED every single donut hole. Thanx and THANKS A LOT!! : )
from an 818 phone number, Wednesday, August 31, 4:03 PM EST

This text message is making me hungry.
do we have to wear our ambassador uniforms tommor I AM THE O IN OMG :D
from a 760 phone number, Tuesday, August 30, 7:32 PM EST

At my high school, tour guides were called 'ambassadors.' Perhaps Leila and 760 are school tour guides.

However, at my school, we did NOT have special tour guide uniforms. We just had, like, a button.
Can i have chris grays number?!
from an 805 phone number, Tuesday, August 30, 6:30 PM EST

This puts Leila in a tricky position, because, see, Leila also has a crush on Chris Gray. If she gives 805 his number, then 805 will start up her own rapport with Chris, and perhaps he will ultimately grow to like 805 better than Leila. Maybe he will choose to take 805 to the dance. Maybe he will become 805's boyfriend! All because Leila told 805 what Chris's phone number was. But what excuse can she give for not sharing Chris's number with 805? "Can i have chris grays number?!" "No." You can't do that.

Like I said: a tricky position.
Let me kbow if u got ur phone with u...
from a 919 phone number, Monday, August 29, 12:11 PM EST

Call me on blue phone plz
from an 805 phone number, Tuesday, August 30, 12:14 AM EST

Oh my gosh valentin wont stop with the phones-are-useless thing
from a 920 phone number, Tuesday, August 30, 4:38 PM EST

There has been a lot of talk about phones this week. It is so meta to use phones as a medium for discussing phones.
Life in middle school suck
from a 262 phone number, Wednesday, August 31, 2:59 PM EST

That is really, really true.
warm enough? or do i need to bring you a blankie?
from a 310 phone number, Saturday, September 3, 1:50 PM EST

and drinking hot coffee our our new caraffe. lets late lunch
from a 310 phone number, Saturday, September 3, 2:24 PM EST

"Warm enough"? "Hot coffee"? 310 obviously does not live near me. I am locked in my air conditioned bedroom right now, and the only thing I want to drink is ice-cold smoothies.