Friday, July 24, 2009

Im not sure im doing this right. can you text me back if u get this
from a 478 phone number, Friday, July 24, 3:19 PM

You're not, and no.
I got u adobe acrobat pro 9
from a 602 phone number, Friday, July 24, 1:21 PM

omg YES! Adobe Acrobat Pro 9! Thanks, Mom-- that's just what I always wanted!
hey i have been invited 2 dinners phizer is having aug12 at del friscos or aug13 at rosemarys i am going to the del frisco one let me know if you wan
from a 702 phone number, Thursday, July 23, 6:58 PM

This place looks fancy pants. Hey, Phizer, want to take me out to dinner, too? I am influential in the prescription drug community...

from a 339 phone number, Thursday, July 23, 4:02 PM

Translates roughly to, "I left my phone unlocked in my bag, and it decided to text Leila."
hey oo wassup
from a 978 phone number, Thursday, July 23, 1:03 PM

Not much. How about ooself?
i m so sorry all i tried to do was take care of my family like always and my kid has to act up now im upset and my poor mom has to deal with the stress
from a 253 phone number, Wednesday, July 22, 7:09 PM

253 and Leila appear to be going through a really emotional time, and I can't figure out why. When 253 promised/threatened to tell Leila about "things that r bothering me," this must have been the sort of thing she meant.
Where is my daughter?
from a 410 phone number, Wednesday, July 22, 6:07 PM

Maybe this Intended Leila is a kidnapper!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey sexy
from a 502 phone number, Monday, July 20, 11:14 PM

Not for me. These sorts never are.
Even though I do not, as a rule, believe in twitter (not least because it sounds like 'twat'), The Leila Texts now have a twitter account (, should you for some reason prefer to follow the technological misadventures of strangers via twitter rather than via blogspot.

The twitter account is just going to be a feed of what's on this blog, only less well-formatted, so I promise you will not "miss" anything if you don't follow The Leila Texts on twitter. It will basically just be the poor man's version of exactly what's on this webpage. But it's there if you want it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

cum on over....lets partty
from a 904 phone number, Monday, July 20, 2:36 AM

I was so convinced that this was a booty text, due to a) the spelling of the word 'come' and b) the fact that it was sent at 2:36 AM EST. But then, a couple hours later, I received the follow-up text:

watchig bobby if u r still up? have gassssssssssss
from a 904 phone number, Monday, July 20, 3:59 AM

Okay, so, not a booty text, then.
just cause u dont see or hear from me doesnt mean i dont think of u im glad i have u in my life and will always respect ourfriendship and talk to u abput
from a 253 phone number, Saturday, July 18, 11:15 PM

things that r bothering me k
from a 253 phone number, Saturday, July 18, 11:16 PM

Sent the night after these. What gives? Why doesn't Leila ever see or hear from you, 253? Why didn't you take a goddamn cab up last on Friday night, like you offered to? Actions speak louder than words, and if you're that glad to have Leila in your life, why don't you show it by seeing her periodically?