Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hey whats up? I just wanted to know if we were still on for tonight :)
from an 828 phone number, Sunday, April 6, 2:56 PM

This text message is rather indicative of the modern era. Before cell phones came into prevalence, there was really no way to check in at 3 PM to make sure you're still on for that evening. If you made plans for, say, 6 PM, you pretty much just had to be there at 6 PM, because there was no way to alert your friend to the fact that you might be late, might not be able to make it, etc.

In the days before cell phones, you wouldn't feel the need to get in touch with someone at 3 PM to make sure you're still on for that night; you would just ASSUME you were. But since Leila could not respond to this text, 828 probably legitimately doubted tat they were still on.

To some extent, I sort of resent this aspect of modern society. It makes it too easy for people to cancel plans.
FACT: everyone in america is asian!
from a 339 phone number, Sunday, April 6, 12:37 PM

FACT: Untrue.
send me a pic
from a 917 phone number, Saturday, April 5, 6:53 PM

Why does this phrase always sound so dirty? 917 could very well mean "a pic of your new dog" or "a pic of your dress." But somehow I immediately jump to the conclusion that 917 means "a naked pic." Does anyone else have this problem, too? Had 917 written "send me a photograph," I would not be so grossed out.
feeling ok
from a 646 phone number, Saturday, April 5, 3:32

I think this is the same person who keeps texting Leila Milton. But there are no ellipses in this one, so it's hard to tell. So much for a "signature style."
hows the party goin?
from a 571 phone number, Saturday, April 5, 3:02 PM

I sent a similar text message to my friend Kim on Saturday night because I was missing her birthday party. Though, as my mother pointed out, "If she has time to text you back, the party's probably not going all that well." Hopefully 571 will take Leila's lack of a response to mean that the party was way too bumpin' for her to find a minute to reply.
just trying this thing out
from a 951 phone number, Saturday, April 5, 12:26 PM

Probably a text intended for me, but I couldn't text back at the time. At any rate: Hi, 951.
Where r u?
from a 970 phone number, Saturday, April 5, 12:31 AM

Right now? At my kitchen table. At the time when you sent this? In my grandmother's house in Kentucky. WORLD TRAVELER right here. From kitchen tables to Kentucky homesteads, no land goes unexplored.
My aunt will b there to drop me at skool if anything
from a 347 phone number, Friday, April 4, 9:28 PM

"If anything"... what? Kids: stop hitting "send" when you're not done typing. Please.
milton so quiet hear..were doing this as a favor...live rehearsal...looking forward to seeing you...got a hair cut today too...I did a good job I must sa
from a 646 phone number, Friday, April 4, 8:41 PM

More missives to Leila Milton, New York City bartender. I really want to know what bar she works at so I can go stalk her properly. Or, at the very least, let her know that I'm getting texts for her.

I'm particularly fond of the writing style in this one. It's a poetic use of ellipses. It makes it seem like all these unrelated thoughts, these brief fragments of ideas, are somehow connected, somehow bleeding into one. I should use ellipses more often; 646 has inspired me.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm here! I made dinner res at Nobu for 6:30 just in case. Heard it is yummy and fun. we can cancel if we wanna go somewhere else. See ya in 6 Hours!
from an 808 phone number, Friday, April 4, 12:27 PM

This is an exemplary text message. The punctuation is impeccable-- note the apostrophe in "I'm"? The colon in "6:30"? It is also clear and straightforward. I know what 808 is trying to say, and what action she wants Leila to take. I even admire the use of "we" in "we can cancel if we wanna go somewhere else." This phrasing implies that Leila can want to go someplace other than Nobu without breaking 808's heart. (Also, Barb is here and says that she likes the "wanna" because it makes the whole vibe "casual and fun." As in "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." As in Cyndi Lauper.)

Really, this whole text is so perfectly constructed, its a damn shame that Leila will never read it.
FWD: I dont know, because if bake and i go early then we cant plus. . .I have to drive my fucking moms car but i could take you guys if you need a ride
from an 858 phone number, Thursday, April 3, 11:48 PM

These sound like complicated plans to make via text. Personally, I always start out trying to make plans through text, but more often than not I have to switch to email or (heaven forbid) actual phone calls. There are just too many details to explain in the allotted 160 characters.