Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm here! I made dinner res at Nobu for 6:30 just in case. Heard it is yummy and fun. we can cancel if we wanna go somewhere else. See ya in 6 Hours!
from an 808 phone number, Friday, April 4, 12:27 PM

This is an exemplary text message. The punctuation is impeccable-- note the apostrophe in "I'm"? The colon in "6:30"? It is also clear and straightforward. I know what 808 is trying to say, and what action she wants Leila to take. I even admire the use of "we" in "we can cancel if we wanna go somewhere else." This phrasing implies that Leila can want to go someplace other than Nobu without breaking 808's heart. (Also, Barb is here and says that she likes the "wanna" because it makes the whole vibe "casual and fun." As in "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." As in Cyndi Lauper.)

Really, this whole text is so perfectly constructed, its a damn shame that Leila will never read it.

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