Monday, April 7, 2008

FWD: I dont know, because if bake and i go early then we cant plus. . .I have to drive my fucking moms car but i could take you guys if you need a ride
from an 858 phone number, Thursday, April 3, 11:48 PM

These sound like complicated plans to make via text. Personally, I always start out trying to make plans through text, but more often than not I have to switch to email or (heaven forbid) actual phone calls. There are just too many details to explain in the allotted 160 characters.


heidi said...

I like the name Bake. Unless they meant to type Blake. Or Baker. Time will tell.

Nemo said...

Oh, hm. I just assumed 858 meant she was going to get high.

Leila said...



ariel said...

I would just like to know why it is a forwarded message... for no apparent reason..??