Friday, August 19, 2011

Hi everybody! I just come back from camp, which was a blast. How are you? I miss you all so much and cannot wait to see you soon! Lovee you all <3
from a 301 phone number, Thursday, August 18, 4:53 PM EST

Oh, overnight camp. I miss camp. It makes me sad to spend my summers in the city. I'm glad to see that 301's camp, at least, does not allow cell phones. They really take away from the spirit of camping.
Crab and this shrimp and rice stuff and left overs
from a 707 phone number, Sunday, August 14, 5:46 PM EST

Sounds like dinner on the seashore. SUMMERTIME. That's what I'm talking about. Shellfish and so on.
hi just wanted to say sorry but we are not having a cookout tomorrow see u monday it was fun playing golf with u both
from a 978 phone number, Saturday, August 13, 1:20 PM EST

Golf = bleh, but cookouts = two thumbs up, especially when s'mores are involved. To go through with a golf game but cancel a cookout sounds like a BUMMER SUMMER to me.
im at the pool
~Danielle <3 <3 <3

from a 513 phone number, Friday, August 12, 2:34 PM EST

Right, well, that makes sense, to be at the pool, because it is STILL SUMMERTIME. I get so resentful of people who try to end summertime early. Like this text:

Today is melvin junio last day before he goes to collage
from a 262 phone number, Monday, August 15, 12:17 PM EST

No! It is too early for college to start. It is STILL SUMMERTIME.

Or this one here:

Hey what classes did you get? maybe we got some together.
from an 801 phone number, Tuesday, August 16, 8:04 PM EST

Stop comparing class schedules! That is an activity for the fall, and right now it is STILL SUMMERTIME. Only Danielle understands this. Let's all go to the pool.
I just lost a filling and am going right now to see a dentist. Sorry.
from a 401 phone number, Friday, August 12, 1:56 PM EST

Ugh. Losing a filling sounds better than Emily's surgery, but they both sounds pretty miserable.
Hiiiiiii come to saggy and bring allii pweae im the only girl
from a 774 phone number, Friday, August 12, 11:59 AM EST

You're the only girl? Oh, no! I hope Leila and Alli show up fast. Otherwise whom will you go to the bathroom in a group with?
Hey R U up and drinking coffee yet? I am @ the hospital.they have taken Emily back , Just waiting. surgery is @ 9:am. going to take 3 to4 hrs...long day .
from a 425 phone number, Friday, August 12, 11:48 AM EST

I hope Emily's surgery went okay. I bet 425 sent a lot of texts over those 3 to 4 hours. I would have.
this is what im sending to my boss FWD: i will let u know if hes found i will b in fri and sat if not found u will b notified maryann castro
from an 830 phone number, Thursday, August 11, 7:01 PM EST

I wonder who has gone missing? I hope it's not the boss's dog.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

R u here at orentation myia from the hip summer camp in here
from a 352 phone number, Thursday, August 11, 6:28 PM EST

That is amazing! Obviously Leila never would have been able to talk to Myia during the summer-- Myia was at the hip summer camp, while Leila was just at the lame summer camp-- but now they are both at orientation together. This is your chance, Leila. Get in there. Make friends. Myia won't even suspect how un-hip you really are.
is 6:15 ok? the movie is not in the good theater, fork & screen, next best one. $9. I have to reserve so text right back.
Emmanuel, God with Us!

from a 908 phone number, Wednesday, August 10, 8:58 AM EST

Apparently Fork and Screen is the AMC's somewhat lame attempt at emulating The Alamo Drafthouse. We don't have these in New York City, We also do not have $9 movie tickets. I'm kind of jealous of Emmanuel right now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i got you something small from hawaiii!
from a 707 phone number, Wednesday, August 10, 1:11 AM EST

When my mother went to Hawaii, she brought me back a little white flower to clip in my hair. Perhaps that is what 707 brought her Intended Leila, too! Perhaps 707 is my mom's doppelganger, and I am 707's Intended Leila's doppelganger, and we have received doppelganger hair flowers.
Leil bigay mo muna sa kya mo yung 100 ha
from a 760 phone number, Tuesday, August 9, 5:36 PM EST

Ten points for translating this. Five points simply for identifying the language. Go.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

what r u wearing for marry popins

from a 760 phone number, Monday, August 8, 10:55 PM EST

r u going to vball practice today

from a 760 phone number, Tuesday, August 9, 2:10 PM EST

cant u believe jt just left us

from a 760 phone number, Tuesday, August 9, 10:52 PM EST

At least she doesn't claim to be the G in OMG. That would just be hubris. Claiming to be the O is weird, but at least it's not violating the first commandment.
We're @ garfields nightmare
I <3 my family!

from a 412 phone number, Monday, August 8, 10:10 PM EST

412 is in Pennsylvania. Also in Pennsylvania is an amusement park called Kennywood with a ride called Garfield's Nightmare. That is where 412 was at 10:10 PM on Monday. Not like I'm a stalker or anything.
Hello whats up how are you guess what i did lastnight
Sk84life! ;)

from a 503 phone number, Monday, August 8, 11:53 AM EST

Well, based on your sig line, my guess is that you skated. Am I right?
Important, pls call me I am in the hospital
from a 949 phone number, Monday, August 8, 11:31 AM EST

Oh, no! Feel better!
Did u return key to white pot? u apparently locked door between house & garage so a j cannoy get in. if u took key home in error ule prob have to fed x it
from a 973 phone number, Monday, August 8, 11:17 AM EST

Oooh, Leila's in trouble.
Do u want to the fair with me
Pandas are my life! Jenny

from a 516 phone number, Wednesday, July 27, 5:45 PM EST

Can i call u about a party
Pandas are my life! Jenny

from a 516 phone number, Thursday, July 28, 1:42 PM EST

Which friend are u bring
Pandas are my life! Jenny

from a 516 phone number, Thursday, July 28, 11:19 PM EST

More from this girl. If you were concerned whether pandas had stopped being her life, do not worry. They are still her life.
Leila si puedes traer un bote de black olives para la papa tank you. :-)
from a 915 phone number, Wednesday, August 3, 10:42 AM EST

"Leila if you can bring a container of black olives for papa thank you."

I have never met a Spanish-speaking Leila in real life. (I mean, not counting myself, since I only speak about 500 words of Spanish. I mean actual native-born Spanish-speakers named Leila.) I wonder how they pronounce it? Ley-ee-lah?
Info. From danyelle- in porcupine mtns, go to very west end of park, its called "presk" (spelling?) isles gorgeous.
from a 248 phone number, Saturday, July 30, 5:26 PM EST

It's Presque Isles, but you were close. Hiking fans, take note.
Hey guess whos house im goin to
from a 323 phone number, Saturday, July 30, 5:08 PM EST

I'm guessing you're going to a popular girl's house. I'm guessing that she invited you, but not Leila, so now you want to rub it in Leila's face that, even though you are both still unpopular, you are slightly less unpopular than Leila is. But you know what? It's not Leila's fault that she has that acne problem. Be nice.
You rock
Rock The Summer!

from a 781 phone number, Saturday, July 30, 11:09 AM EST

I firmly believe in this text message. We should Rock The Summer. I considered forwarding this to every person in my contacts (with the exception of non-rocking ex-boyfriends).
Made it! So tired tho - brody is too. Will be closing on the house in the morning - will let u know once we r in the house.
from a 317 phone number, Thursday, July 28, 9:39 PM EST

Moving to a new house is exciting! Mazel tov, 317 (and Brody).
Good dr visit verlyn could lose a pound or two such a lovely day thanks so much for the love we share myrle
from a 208 phone number, Wednesday, July 27, 6:21 PM EST

Look, I could probably stand to lose a pound or two, myself, but that doesn't mean I need my mom broadcasting that to every Leila in the world via text message. Show some tact, Myrle.

Unless Verlyn is your cat, in which case, no big deal.
Caminar y cafe today if you can just lovely out
from a 917 phone number, Wednesday, July 27, 11:15 AM EST

Walking and going to cafes is exactly what I feel like doing when it's lovely out. Also, easting ice cream. Caminat y cafe y helado.