Friday, August 19, 2011

im at the pool
~Danielle <3 <3 <3

from a 513 phone number, Friday, August 12, 2:34 PM EST

Right, well, that makes sense, to be at the pool, because it is STILL SUMMERTIME. I get so resentful of people who try to end summertime early. Like this text:

Today is melvin junio last day before he goes to collage
from a 262 phone number, Monday, August 15, 12:17 PM EST

No! It is too early for college to start. It is STILL SUMMERTIME.

Or this one here:

Hey what classes did you get? maybe we got some together.
from an 801 phone number, Tuesday, August 16, 8:04 PM EST

Stop comparing class schedules! That is an activity for the fall, and right now it is STILL SUMMERTIME. Only Danielle understands this. Let's all go to the pool.

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