Sunday, August 14, 2011

We're @ garfields nightmare
I <3 my family!

from a 412 phone number, Monday, August 8, 10:10 PM EST

412 is in Pennsylvania. Also in Pennsylvania is an amusement park called Kennywood with a ride called Garfield's Nightmare. That is where 412 was at 10:10 PM on Monday. Not like I'm a stalker or anything.


Jeremy said...

I love Kennywood

Leila said...

Really? I'm shocked to hear that.

Anonymous said...

I was on garfields nightmare at 10:10! I only know this because I took a picture while ride and after seeing this text decided I should prb check what time I sent it out of curiosity! Haha I am not the texter but I was on the ride with them!

P.s. Pittsburghs awesome <3 yinzer for life :)

Leila said...

Seriously? That's such a cool coincidence! How bizarre!

Anonymous said...

I know!!! It's crazy lol

Btw I just finished your book Mostly Good Girls! I absolutely fell in love<3333 Can't wait for your next book!! :)

Leila said...

Aww thank you! The new book is called PAST PERFECT, and it comes out October 4th... I also can't wait!