Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silver city ice cream shop. At night they have bears in their dumpsters. Do not get out of your cars.
from a 248 phone number, Saturday, July 30m 5:34 PM EST

Here is the thing: I understand what you're saying. I really do, and I agree: bears are terrifying. However. If the only way for me to get a cone of ice cream is walk past a bear-filled dumpster, I have to be honest with you. I will probably do it. And if one lunges at me, I will beat him back. Because ice cream is really important to me, and you just have to get your priorities straight, you know? "Eating ice cream" ranks just above "not getting mauled by a dumpster bear."
Mb 2 b in hosp 2nite. good thing 2 sort out probs of incontinence & drug abuse. Xox m
from am 847 phone number, Saturday, July 30, 6:11 PM EST

This is very sad. I hope that the hospital can help, Drug abuse makes me very sad, even when I don't know the person.
Hey can u guys come to the moobies
from an 805 phone number, Sunday, July 31, 10:55 PM EST

A.k.a. "movies."
saber Hi leila.please tell me how many people can you bring for for 26th aug. They need like 20000 people. We were like 400 lastvtime we need a lot .
from a 517 phone number, Tuesday, August 2, 2:08 PM EST

Are you trying to fill a music festival or something? twenty THOUSAND people? And last time you had four hundred? Yeah, that might be a challenge.
Hi im in albany did u know about yarn made from fur shed by bison have fun
from a 917 phone number, Thursday, August 4, 5:38 PM EST

You could even get a hat and gloves made out of bison fur! It kinda just looks like yarn to me, but what do I know.