Friday, May 22, 2009

FWD: am at yorba linda now healing Mass at 630pm Our Lady procession at 10pm. will pray 4 all. love ypou. tang
from a 949 phone number, Thursday, May 21, 9:19 PM

I'm actually starting to wish that Tang would stop praying for me. It's beginning to make me uncomfortable.
Holiday inn express 232 west 29th street ny 10001 phone 212 695 xxxx room 10xx
from a 206 phone number, Thursday, May 21, 2:00 AM

This is pretty much every single piece of information I could possibly require about 206's whereabouts. I mean, even the zip code? Really? Do you think I'm going to mail you a letter while you're staying at the Holiday Inn Express?
No picture of Lily today?
from a 614 phone number, Wednesday, May 20, 6:19 PM

What is this, a Who song?
Lets play the I LOVE YOU game! See how many i love yous you get back! I Love You! Its your turn! MZ PAMZ
from an 847 phone number, Tuesday, May 19, 7:08 PM

The I LOVE YOU game sounds even more boring than the Silent Game.
What are you wearing for tomorrow?
from a 774 phone number, Monday, May 18, 7:11 PM

I spend a lot of time trying to make my friends coordinate outfits with me. Monday both Emily and I were wearing sweater dresses. That was great. Tuesday we both wore fishnets. Wednesday Leslie and I both dressed in black and white, and yesterday Kendra and I both had on grey cardigans over black skirts.

Okay, to be honest, all of that happened coincidentally. I never actually texted any of them to ask what they would be wearing the next day. But wouldn't it be so 774 if I did?
hey are u mad at me please say no
from a 609 phone number, Monday, May 10, 2:52 PM

Is this the 609 who is always asking Leila to go skating? Has it finally occurred to 609, after months of Leila's not replying to her skating invitations, that she might be mad at her?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

did any1 ask 4 me?
from a 973 phone number, Sunday, May 17, 7:58 PM

Nope. Sorry to break this to you, but you're not THAT important.
FWD: When u be hom
from a 703 phone number, Saturday, May 16, 7:51 PM

I be hom whenever I feel like being hom, you dig?
I am bord!!!
from a 302 phone number, Saturday, May 16, 12:44 PM

Here's one activity that could spice up your day: How about you learn to spell?
FWD: Dad is getting mad be hom by 1 30
from a 703 phone number, Saturday, May 16, 12:38 AM

I texted this person back to tell them Leila had not received this text because the last thing this Intended Leila needs is for her father to send out cops after her or to ground her for inadvertently breaking curfew or something. I am a Good Samaritan to Leilas.
FWD: just came from our lady of guadalupe.sta ana.3rd st prayed 4 u all .tang
from a 949 phone number, Friday, May 15, 4:57 PM

Thank you for praying for me, Tang, since lord knows I wasn't doing it for myself.
"Soul Food Friday's"05/15/09..Serving Baked Chicken or Lasagna..Sides are Pasta Salad,Parsley Potatoes,Green Beans,or Dressing..Desserts are Carrot Cake
from an 847 phone number, Friday, May 15, 12:24 PM

or Peach Cobbler..Dinners are $9 Please call 847/907-xxxx to place your order!
from an 847 phone number, Friday, May 15, 12:26 PM

Do we think this is a mass text? From some cheap restaurant to a whole bunch of people? Is text message a common advertising campaign for restaurants nowadays? Is "Dressing" really a side dish?
r u doing anything on saturday?
from a 323 phone number, Wednesday, May 13, 11:24 PM

Yes. I was. I went to a parade, watched two movies with Kate, and attended three different birthday parties. So if you were going to ask me to hang out with you on Saturday, 323, you're OUT OF LUCK.