Friday, March 6, 2009

FWD: The N: U won?t believe who finally takes down Holly J! New Degrassi tonight @ 8P ET. Take Degrassi w/ u on the go. Go to:
from a 443 phone number, Friday, March 6, 7:06 PM

Okay, definitely one of the most important texts that I can recall receiving. Enough with the texts about who won some sport game, or texts about how awesome Leila is, or texts advising me to "peaceout." If there is one topic that really NEEDS to be discussed more via text, it is Degrassi. I effing love that show. Let's talk about it next time you've got an hour to spare.
Cuando Liz cumple b day
from a 352 phone number, Friday, March 6, 3:40 PM

Now, I love Spanglish, don't get me wrong. But even I have never come up with quite so Spanglish a sentence as this one, which is (I believe) inquiring into the date of Liz's birthday.

from a 937 phone number, Thursday, March 5, 8:28 PM

Leila-was-where? Leila-was-on-937's-phone,-texting-herself? How-weird.
Mayb this will work
from a 339 phone number, Wednesday, March 4, 2:18 PM

If you're trying out various ways to text your friend Leila and you're thinking that mayb this one will work, the answer is, no, it will not.
Hey whats up yo peaceout =] <3
from a 732 phone number, Tuesday, March 3, 5:42 PM

Yo. Nothing's up. Just watched two hours of TV with my roommate. Awesome, right? Peaceout to you, as well.

Monday, March 2, 2009

from a 609 phone number, Monday, March 2, 10:26 AM

Yes, but no snow day. What is wrong with my employer?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

baboi love
forever...Zena.."The Warrior Princess"

from a 323 phone number, Saturday, February 28, 7:34 PM

I'm sorry. Does ANYONE still think about Xena the Warrior Princess? I mean EVER? This is literally the first time in years I've heard her name mentioned.

Also, for what it's worth:
FWD: So she needs her humidifier and that's here to. Do u want me to bring it w the hi-chair? Malek wants to see Layal.

from a 313 phone number, Saturday, February 28, 3:06 PM

A lot of people seem to be involved in this text: Cheryl, Layal, Malek, Leila (of course), and some enigmatic "she," who may or may not be Layal. Not knowing a single one of these players, I'm having trouble grasping the overall gist of the thing.
from a 419 phone number, Friday, February 27, 9:12 PM

419 is in such a rush for Leila to call him that he doesn't even have time to put spaces between his words!