Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!! have a good day
from a 443 phone number, Sunday, April 4, 12:22 PM

Hi Leila happy easter day I hope you have fun today.
*<3iTs mE<3*

from a 302 phone number, Sunday, April 4, 4:07 PM

And a happy belated Easter to all of you, dear Leila Texters!

While I have your attention, readers: I'm leaving this evening for ITALY with my lovely and talented friend Allie (whose photos you can see down at the bottom of this webpage). I won't be updating this blog while I'm gone because, duh, you don't receive Leila Texts out of Verizon's service area. I'll be back in eight days. If this seems an impossibly long time to wait for more text messages, and you just can't kill quite enough time on facebook, there are two and a half years of archives here. It can probably keep you busy.

See you in mid-April!
Congrats on iGreat Performance. Love Bama
from a 914 phone number, Sunday, April 4, 11:24 AM

Wow, President Obama is texting Leila to congratulate her on a Great Performance? That is so exciting! Sometimes President Obama texts me, too, but usually he is saying something like, "Thank you for all your support. Together, we did it," and I have this sneaking suspicion like the texts are actually written by his interns.
Hi idk why im txting u but hi :D uhh tomorrow wheres tutor?? my house or kat?
from a 714 phone number, Thursday, April 1, 6:06 PM

You don't know why you're texting Leila, 714? Really? Because I think you're texting her to find out where tutoring is happening tomorrow. Just a guess.
good morning babe ! sorry about lastnight i passed right out when got home have good day i love you
from a 518 phone number, Thursday, April 1, 7:32 AM

Depending on the nature of their relationship and what they were planning to do last night, Leila may be either totally understanding or unspeakably enraged. As my best friend, Allie, once said, "Hell hath no sad resignation like a woman scorned."
anything else like should i find a new job?
from an 815 phone number, Wednesday, March 31, 5:09 PM

"Okay, so you've told me we have to sell our house, and our son got expelled from school, and you're a drug dealer. That's cool. Anything else I should be made aware of? Like should I find a new job or whatever? Just curious."
bad connection. anyway call the main post office in jersey city. you may be able to get one there same day for family emergency. im here to help.
from a 551 phone number, Tuesday, March 30, 4:33 PM

Oh, no! I wonder what Leila's family emergency is? What can you get same-day from a post office? (Other than stamps.)