Saturday, May 24, 2008

they look horrible
from a 951 phone number, Sunday, May 25, 7:02 AM

See, this is what I mean. Why do I keep getting this text? What does "Duplicate message" mean? Do you think this is a really important message that NEEDS to get to me, and Fate is going to keep sending it my way until I heed it? Because, honestly I'm not sure how to heed this one.
they look horrible
from a 951 phone number, Friday, May 23, 2:39 AM

For some reason, I kept getting this text message throughout Friday morning. My phone would buzz, and it would say "Duplicate Message," and then it would be this damn thing agin. Does that ever happen to anyone else? I don't know it's because 951 kept hitting 'send' or what.

Anyway, my phone's periodic buzzing annoyed me, so at some point I said, "God, my phone's acting so weird today." And my co-worker was like, "Sorry, you can tell? Isn't your phone acting so weird EVERY DAY, Leila?"
What are you doing
from a 407 phone number, Thursday, May 22, 7:35 PM

The problem with "what are you doing" texts is that they contribute nothing, and expect Leila to contribute everything. 407 offers no information here. It's not, "I'm cooking dinner. What are you doing?" In which case Leila could reply, say, "I already ate, and now I'm watching TV. What are you cooking?" A boring conversation, to be sure. But a conversation nonetheless.

Just asking the question, though, is akin to saying, "I want you you to tell me something interesting, but I don't want to go through the effort of saying something interesting, myself." Unacceptable.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

& got the nerves 2b smacking like Angie! I can't even concentrate on the movie n e more
from a 314 phone number, Sunday, May 18, 6:39 PM

Back n the movie
from a 314 phone number, Sunday, May 18, 6:55 PM

Honestly, you can't be concentrating on the movie ALL that hard if you still have attention left over to text Leila to tell her you're back in the movie.

Also: "Smacking like Angie"? I assume that doesn't mean "doing heroin."
P FYI-Bea called 12:30 am to say her sister had passed away. fortunately Bea decided to go see her just a couple hours earlier and said her goodbyes.
from a 410 phone number, Sunday, May 18, 12:33 PM

Oh, this is so sad. This is way sadder than the guy who was just throwing up. I wonder what 410's relationship is to Bea. I wonder what Bea's relationship is to Leila.

I did text back 410 so she wouldn't be wondering, like, "Why hasn't Leila responded? Doesn't she care about Bea's sister?"
Sorry ynu caught me at a bad moment dad and i had a bad moment right before u called
from a 201 phone number, Saturday, May 17, 6:52 PM

Weird repetition of the phrase "bad moment" here. Wouldn't you say "dad and i had a fight"?

Anyway, this reminds me of the time I called my best friend Alli's house phone, and her dad picked up and told me to call back later. So immediately thereafter I called her cell phone, and Alli picked it up and was like, "Seriously, my parents and I are having a fight. Stop calling me." This happened like five years ago but I still haven't lived it down.
ugh..i feel so sick dude..i threw up like twice already i would go with u guys but i cant be rude...=(i honestly feel like passing out
from an 818 phone number, Saturday, May 17, 6:41 PM

Oh, poor 818. I hate being sick. I actually have a cold right now-- which obviously is nowhere near as bad as throwing up-- but I totally get how much it sucks to be sick. Especially when you have to bow out of your friends' plans. Hate it.
good luck leila
from a 330 phone number, Saturday, May 17, 10:52 AM

Thanks! Some people are such sweethearts.
Love u DORK! Now ur on the clock! In 9 minutes somethin will make u happy but u have to send this to 10 dorks. Hopefully im one.
from a 419 phone number, Friday, May 16, 11:56 AM

The problem is, since 419 doesn't establish what this happy-making thing could be, it's really impossible to prove this claim wrong. Imagine if you spend all that time forwarding this text to ten dorks, and then in nine minutes, like, your dad tells you that lunch is ready. Now, lunch being ready definitely counts as "somethin [that] will make u happy"... but was it really worth the effort?

from a 316 phone number, Friday, May 16, 1:44 AM

Is [BLOODSHOT] 316's nickname? That's a pretty hardcore nickname. That'd be a good name for a metal band. Brackets and everything.