Saturday, May 24, 2008

they look horrible
from a 951 phone number, Friday, May 23, 2:39 AM

For some reason, I kept getting this text message throughout Friday morning. My phone would buzz, and it would say "Duplicate Message," and then it would be this damn thing agin. Does that ever happen to anyone else? I don't know it's because 951 kept hitting 'send' or what.

Anyway, my phone's periodic buzzing annoyed me, so at some point I said, "God, my phone's acting so weird today." And my co-worker was like, "Sorry, you can tell? Isn't your phone acting so weird EVERY DAY, Leila?"


Dmc584 said...

I've gotten the duplicate message. If my ex-boyfriend was answering a question as "K" he would not only be too lazy too type out the "OK"; he would just resend a "K" that was being held in his sent message box.

Why someone would resend that particular message is puzzling though...

I've See the Rain said...

Ok - I have experience with this one - I live in a rural area and I don't always have a lot of bars - sometimes when I send a message I don't have enough bars for it to actually send and I get a message from my phone saying that it will try again later. This often results in the person I was sending the text to getting 8 or 10 copies of the same message.

I went to my phone provider about this and they basically said that my phone is scanning for towers and pinging the message at them - but it thinks it didn't get through and so it keeps scanning and pinging.

My bf got 18 copies of the grocery list one time - he called me and was "OK OK I will go to the DAMN store - stop it!" and I was all baffled at being chastised for txting him 4 hours earlier.