Saturday, January 24, 2009

hi its mariah just making sure this is the right number kkkkkkkk
from a 609 phone number, Friday, January 23, 3:22 PM

hey are you going skating tonight text me back
from a 609 phone number, Friday, January 23, 7:01 PM

No this is not the right number. No I am not going skating tonight. Striking out on all counts, Mariah.
FWD: She b home at 1030
from a 313 phone number, Wednesday, January 21, 10:22 PM

313 must be pretty close by, if she thinks she'll be home within the next eight minutes. Unless she's in a different time zone. Always a possibility.
Im gonna wear my black shirt tommorow wit m dolce and gabbana belt wit my black high tops converse jus so u kno wat r u wearin CHILLAX....ITS AJ
from a 281 phone number, Tuesday, January 20, 10:39 PM

Probably, like... jeans. I feel underdressed.
We r at the town well b bck
from a 774 phone number, Tuesday, January 20, 3:12 PM

hi mom has bought two ice creams for you and your friends. don't forget to call cathy no need to pickyou
from a 909 phone number, Tuesday, January 20, 4:53 PM

The Inauguration was so major, so absolutely inescapable on Tuesday, that it boggles my mind that there were people in this country just calmly living their lives, being at the town, being back again, buying ice creams... It feels so disjointed to me, like these Leilas live in a different America than I do.
Happy Birthday baby! I hope you have a great day. I love you so much. Daddy
from an 865 phone number, Tuesday, January 20, 9:21 AM

I would have called Leila's dad back if it hadn't been ELECTION DAY and if I hadn't been standing outside in THE BITTER COLD for hours on end. Leila's birthday was just not top of my priority list on Tuesday. This text is still sweet, though.
Stop complainin you woowoo!
P.S. Your a woowoo

from a 218 phone number, Monday, January 19, 8:22 PM

Could mean any number of things. Don't thank me, thank Urban Dictionary.
Im so excited for obama.
from a 703 phone number, Monday, January 19, 11:41 AM

You should have been with me in DC earlier this week, 703! Oh, wait-- 703 is Northern VA. So I guess you were with me in DC earlier this week. With me and three million other people. I wonder if we ran into each other...
Hey watcha doing
Keepn' It Sexy!

from an 831 phone number, Sunday, January 18, 8:32 PM

Yes. That is exactly what I am going. I am Keepn' It Sexy. Actually, I'm mostly spewing snot all over everything, since I have a cold. But I assume that is Sexy.
Sorry it's been so long since last I updated this blog. I have been in DC for the Presidential Inauguration! I was staying with my lovely and generous friend Emily, who has many things, including loveliness and generosity, but not including "the Internet." Thus the lack of blog posts. Let's now get caught up, shall we?

why were u not talking 2 me
-Twilight Fan

from a 408 phone number, Saturday, January 17, 11:25 AM

Uh, maybe because your primary defining feature is that you're a fan of Twilight, which is a fine book, but, really, I've read better.