Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Send picture of kids
from a 218 phone number, Tuesday, December 7, 6:04 PM EST

send me ur address so i can send u the boys school pic and dis my cell
from a 503 phone number, Thursday, December 9, 12:09 AM EST

So these are two totally unconnected text messages, from two texters who do not know each other, to two different Leilas. But if only we could put them in touch! They would have an incredibly happy back-and-forth of sharing children's photos, and no Leilas would have to be involved.
Mark my words she is going to get the doctor to say that se can only work a few hours a day
from a 484 phone number, Wednesday, December 8, 6:37 PM EST

She is such a lazy ass. And our boss just lets her get away with it, and then WE have to pick up all the slack!
I need blakes drivers licnse number and exp date and spsial sec number
from a 218 phone number, Friday, December 10, 10:56 AM EST

"I am an aspiring identity thief, but I am doing a poor job of it."
Baby two is better than one ;) love u cutie! Hope ur havin a great day! Its so cold here brrrr
from an 856 phone number, Friday, December 10, 11:08 AM EST

I like to rank my children. I prefer my second daughter to my first. She's just a better person. I'm very cavalier about saying this because my children are only infants. They don't even understand English yet.
layla leo lio 1 week! :) if ya know what i mean.!
from an 816 phone number, Sunday, December 12, 4:04 PM EST

I definitely do not know what you mean.
hey leila i dont know but i was thinking about doing a christmas breakfast or dinner on christmas eve. i just know they not gonna do nothing for her
from a 301 phone number, Monday, December 13, 5:55 AM EST

Who's not going to do nothing for whom? Is it someone's birthday on Christmas Day? That must kind of suck. My dad's birthday is on Thanksgiving, and it's no picnic. Mine is often on Passover. Sucks if you like birthday cake.
I found your itrip woooo!

~ Forever & Always ~

from an 803 phone number, Monday, December 13, 5:51 PM EST

So now all of us know what Leila is getting for Christmas. It's this thing, by the way.
are you an aunt yet?
from a 716 phone number, Tuesday, December 14, 3:21 PM EST

Sometimes I think about how many text messages new mothers must have waiting for them when they finally emerge from the delivery room. But I have never before thought about how many text messages new aunts have waiting for them.
My feet look horrible
from a 323 phone number, Tuesday, December 14, 8:09 PM EST

Ah, the continuing adventures of 323.