Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lays is comin out with a new chip "semen flavor" they will be marketed as a "diet chip" because 98% of women will spit it out
from a 734 phone number, Wednesday, May 6, 10:01 PM

Is that really the percentage? How much research has gone into the statistics of this text?
Wat dos ugggg mean i just got home from st paul sball game and going to berlin sball game.
from an 860 phone number, Wednesday, May 6, 5:16 PM

Is there a reason why any one person would have to attend two softball games in one afternoon?
hey is ur prom this Saturday or did it pass already
from a 760 phone number, Wednesday, May 6, 3:00 PM

Now that's it's Scav Hunt and there's an awesome Gossip Girl item on the list (#166), I am receiving even more texts than usual. (Hard to imagine, right?) So I need to distinguish between purposeful stranger texts and accidental stranger texts. But this one is accidental. Even though there is an awesome prom item on the list (#148), too.
voce ficou chatiada comiqo Por eu dizer que n?o podia atender o telefone
from a 973 phone number, Wednesday, May 6, 12:24 PM

Something something something with me For something to say what couldn't attend or telephone.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dear leila,
could you call me. we need to talk about the office & my annual minutes disclosure statement etc.
thank you

from an 818 phone number, Tuesday, May 5,m 10:23 PM

Wow. What a business-like email. Maybe it's the "dear leila" salutation. I know I'm not the Intended Leila, but still, it really made me sit up straight.
what up chump
from a 765 phone number, Tuesday, May 5, 10:13 PM

so you cant text me
from a 765 phone number, Tuesday, May 5, 10:18 PM

No, I can text you. I just choose not to. Because you called me a chump!
What was 4 ss homework
from a 650 phone number, Tuesday, May 5, 7:09 PM

Do the reading and potentially make a timeline. That's what social studies is. That's the whole subject, in a nutshell. You're welcome.
--ORIGINAL MSG: FWD: Ur a beautiful Mom & doing a good job & you are LOVED! Now hit 7 moms who put their kids 1st. Hope i'm one of them... *JaMiE*
from a 513 phone number, Tuesday, May 5, 6:49 PM

Wow, this text is so sweet it almost makes me want to take back what I just said about having a baby... Oh, wait, no, it doesn't.
yahoo i love dr brady k went to bed at 840...up 2x cried for 25 min each slept from 12 - now! no bottle from 8pm to 6.45!
from a 518 phone number, Tuesday, May 5, 6:47 AM

Oh my Lord, am I glad I don't have a baby. I need WAY more sleep than this. Is 518 really rejoicing because baby k slept nearly 7 hours? I can sleep nearly 7 hours as a midday nap.
FWD; When u Care 4 Someone Everything Seems Perfect til u lose them. Ignore this & tomorrow will be ur worst day. Send to 8 friends you need.
from a 602 phone number, Monday, May 4, 9:49 PM

Is anyone else feeling like this is a really pessimistic text? How everything only seems perfect? How you will inevitably lose the one u Care 4? Is it really so bad, 602?
Yo wats up i at deans bball game winning
from an 860 phone number, Monday, May 4, 6:14 PM

R u there i need someone to tex i at britts therpy me bored
from an 860 phone number, Monday, May 4, 6:37 PM

Within 23 minutes, 860 was dragged from Dean's basketball game (which I think he was winning?) to Britt's therapy? C'mon, parents of 860, can't you just get the kid a babysitter and leave him home alone for an afternoon? This sounds like an exhausting run of errands.
Dad getting PET scan this morning. At the medical center now waiting.
from a 562 phone number, Monday, May 4, 10:36 AM

I hope he's okay!
FWD: John 3:16 This is really creepy! Fwd this to 9 ppl not me then turn off ur phone. Turn it back on and look at your new wallpaper. 100% true
from a 540 phone number, Sunday, May 3, 10:59 AM

Over the two years of the Leila Texts, I have received many, many iterations on this chain text. But I think this is the first version to ever reference a Bible verse. Apparently the verse says: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Which doesn't immediately appear to have much to do with cell phone wallpaper. But, really, how would I know?
Hey girl how u doin.
from an 847 phone number, Sunday, May 3, 10:23 AM

I recognize this sentence from a Girl Talk song.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

it is...4778 cromwell ave. 90027
from a 323 phone number, Saturday, May 2, 1:34 PM

323, are you thinking about moving here? Because this place looks hella sick!
Did we hadve any homework 4 ms sullivan
from a 650 phone number, Friday, May 1, 10:30 PM

Excuse me, 650. You sent this text about homework at 10:30 on a Friday evening. Please stop being such a nerd and try to act just slightly cooler. Thank you.
from an 805 phone number, Friday, May 1, 8:07 PM