Friday, July 9, 2010

We lost john's mom today @ 1:30 pm. i am driving to sunnyvale tomorrow morning.
from a 619 phone number, Thursday, July 8, 9:25 PM EST

There has been a LOT of death here in Leila Text Land over the past 24 hours.
Yes very sad my older sister did nt make it but my younger sister is improving thus far and trying to move her to uci. Ty for your prayers. Aida
from a 951 phone number, Friday, July 9, 2:12 AM EST

pls help me pass the news around
from a 951 phone number, Friday, July 9, 3:25 AM EST

God, this is so sad. I wonder if there was a car crash, or what?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

what was tara s nickname in college?
from a 714 phone number, Saturday, July 3, 9:10 PM EST

"Booger Eater."
Any cool parties haappening?
from a 760 phone number, Saturday, July 3, 10:05 PM EST

If there were, I wasn't invited, either.
Haha :) and mym mom says hi and happy fourth
from a 781 phone number, Sunday, July 4, 11: 32 AM EST

And a happy fourth of July to you all!
Hello my darlin, i miss u. Wish i was on ur back porch right now. Im not having a bad time, but im ready to come home. Kiss my hubby and see you.

from an 850 phone number, Saturday, July 3, 4:23 PM EST

Cindy has painted a lovely word-picture here. I now also wish I was on Leila's back porch, kissing Cindy's hubby.
Leila what is the capitol city of alabama. don,t ask anybody this is a quiz and no internet also.
from a 301 phone number, Thursday, July 1, 5:45 PM EST

Readers? Do you know the answer? Remember, no internet: THIS IS A QUIZ.
Do you want to hike up el toro tomorrow? 620 i can pick you and sherry up if interested.
from a 408 phone number, Wednesday, June 30, 7:10 PM EST

Details about hiking El Toro, though frankly I don't need to know much. This is 3000 miles away and it's before 10 AM; my answer is no.
i had a message from vivki anderson that you misswd your 8am appointment. she thought that you would be staying with me. too many distractions there...?
from a 603 phone number, Tuesday, June 29, 9:01 PM EST

Slacker! Leila, skipping your 8am appointment and not telling anyone where you are? Letting them assume you're staying with 603?

To be fair, I might do the same: 8am is very early.