Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hey justin now has txting
from a 307 phone number, Tuesday, September 4, 4:24 PM

True. Too bad Justin still doesn't know how to use it properly.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Its been over an hour
from an 810 phone number, Saturday, September 1, 10:58 PM

I was at the movies with my mother and my friend Emily on Saturday night. When I emerged, I had this text on my phone. This pleased me; it makes me feel lonely to turn off my phone for two hours, and then turn it on again to find that no one has tried to contact me for the entire time that I have been incommunicado.

Emily was less impressed. "They weren't actually texting YOU," she pointed out. As though this makes a difference.
Hey what are the plans for tomorrow
from an 814 phone number. Saturday, September 1, 8:53 PM

I regret not calling this person back. Like, what if he and Leila had made tentative plans for a date, so he was texting to see what they were going to do? But then she didn't receive his text, so she assumed that he didn't actually want to go out with her, and he assumed that she's ignoring him, and now their chances at a relationship are ruined.

And if they ever discuss it, it'll be, like, he'll work up all his nerve to say to her, "Leila, why did you never text me back that time I asked about our plans? You could have at least written back to say you weren't interested."

And then she'll reply, "You never texted me."

And he'll say, "Yes, I did!"

And she'll say, "Look, it's fine that you didn't actually want to go out with me. I can handle it. But don't lie to me and pretend like you texted me when we both know you didn't."

And Leila will think he's a liar, and he'll think Leila's a bitch, and it will be all because I couldn't be bothered to call back some 814 phone number.

(Alternatively, maybe 814 is just Leila's best friend, who, failing to receive a response, just phoned Leila up an hour later. No biggie.)
I am at the library... And I am bored!!!
from a 608 phone number, Saturday, September 1, 4:55 PM

I don't know where this 608 character goes to college, but wherever it is, she can't be more than two weeks into the new school year. If she's ALREADY so bored of the library that she's texting Leila about it, then I feel pretty bad for her. It's a long nine months between now and graduation.

On the upside, girl, at least you get cell phone reception in your library. My college library was a goddamn Faraday cage. When I was there and bored, I couldn't text anyone for moral support, least of all someone else named Leila.