Monday, September 3, 2007

Its been over an hour
from an 810 phone number, Saturday, September 1, 10:58 PM

I was at the movies with my mother and my friend Emily on Saturday night. When I emerged, I had this text on my phone. This pleased me; it makes me feel lonely to turn off my phone for two hours, and then turn it on again to find that no one has tried to contact me for the entire time that I have been incommunicado.

Emily was less impressed. "They weren't actually texting YOU," she pointed out. As though this makes a difference.


Connor said...

That's your second Flint message? I never knew anyone named Leila before I met you.

Leila said...

Maybe it's the same Flint person? I don't know, I didn't save the first one because it was from a couple weeks ago.

If it's the same person, I should really call her to let her know that Leila is NOT receiving her texts, before their relationship like falls to pieces.

Connor said...

I agree. In fact, this friendship is probably the only thing keeping her afloat. She's already dealing with drive-bys, mortgages, factory closings, et al. Her friendship with Leila is really the only thing working these days, and if that doesn't pan out, then what is there to live for?

Leila said...

Hahahaha Connor, every time you talk about Flint, I am reminded of a Michael Moore film.