Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hey so uve seen my new roommate. what is she??
from a 618 phone number, Wednesday, January 6, 6:22 PM

Not how is she, but what is she. A crocodile, probably. She is probably a crocodile.
U are not answering my question is everything ok did u receive the money how is minyag sweet kisses to all
from a 951 phone number, Wednesday, January 6, 9:03 AM

Maybe Leila is not answering your question because actually you are asking three questions, and they are all kind of involved, and Leila thinks you are prying? Or maybe she simply didn't receive your question. Either way.
Mom wants 2 know where r u
from a 626 phone number, Saturday. January 2, 11:43 PM

Where r u
from a 626 phone number, Tuesday. January 5, 3:18 AM

Hey where r u i need 2 talk 2 u and dont tell mom leila please im begging u
from a 626 phone number, Tuesday, January 5, 4:31 AM

Whoa! So where was Leila? And what was her sister begging her not to tell their mother? I would have looked into this in more detail (i.e. I would have called and been like, "I'm sorry Leila is missing, but you're not going to find her this way"); however, I was asleep.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

whats up leila are you sleeping is everyone sleeping btw this is jj jena texting

from a 951 phone number, Sunday, January 13, 1:36 PM

are you awake?

from a 951 phone number, Sunday, January 3, 1:55 PM

If Leila didn't respond to your original text asking if she was awake, you should probably assume that she is asleep. Or you could assume that she never received your text, that instead it went to some random other girl named Leila who lives in New York. Either way, texting her again, 20 minutes later, is not going to help.
hi leila its ria sam gave me ur # i was just wondering if u have the carreer report guidelines paper and if u can e mail it to me
from am 818 phone number, Saturday, January 2, 3:56 PM

No, I don't have it, and why don't you start paying attention in class instead of making Leila and Sam do your dirty work for you, okay, Ria?