Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hey so uve seen my new roommate. what is she??
from a 618 phone number, Wednesday, January 6, 6:22 PM

Not how is she, but what is she. A crocodile, probably. She is probably a crocodile.


James said...

I feel like 618 is asking Leila to grade their roommate on a scale from, say, 1-10. "What is she?" "Oh, I'd say she's an 8." What's the scale for? Hmm...

michael said...

Maybe it's a question about the race of the new roommate?

Leila said...

haha yeah, I bet 618's number one question about the roommate is, "What race is she? I don't care whether she does her dishes or is noisy or whatever, but I need to know IMMEDIATELY whether she is white."

Anonymous said...

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Trevor said...

I interpreted 618's text as:

Hey. So, you've seen my new roommate. What is she?!

I can only guess as to what it means.